By Amy Sciaretto


In spring and summer, face it. No one wants to sport a full face of makeup! You want less product on your face and nothing weighing you down or sticking to you like latex. So to hammer that point home, I’ve selected a range of products that can be used a la carte, when you need to get up and go; when you’ve overslept; when you don’t want to use a multitude of products; but when you still want to look your very best and desire the most delicate kisses and whispers of color. Look like you’ve done a lot with a very little with the list of products below. Many times, we tell you to focus on one feature: play one part of your face up and tone down the rest for balance. For spring and summer 2010, we’re recommending you use one product and play up one feature and you’ll still turn heads and look as stunning as a supermodel.

All you need to do is look at the name NARS Orgasm Illuminator and you’re already sold. The peachy-pink Orgasm is offered as a blush and a lip gloss, and is deemed the industry standard for a universally flattering shade. Now it’s available in illuminator formulation! If all you prefer is a dewy glow, mix a few drops of this gold-flecked cream into your foundation and voila! You’ll be fresh as a newly bloomed daisy,

Available at CO Bigelow locations.

If have no time for mascara or eyeliner, slather your face with some moisturizer and gloss up with NARS sugary Easy Lover Gloss, a sheer bubble gum or cotton candy pink. You may only be wearing a single product, but you won’t be a plain Jane, either. You’ll want to kiss yourself if you pass too many mirrors.

Available at CO Bigelow locations.

Sue Devitt Hydrating Destination Eye and Cheek Palette in Solomon Islands – from the line’s Southern Seas Sojourn Collection – see our Spring in Your Step preview story for more from the set- is a dual-purpose palette of coral, pink and bronze shades that can be blended to give you that post-vacation smooch of color. Grab the fluffiest brush you can find, dip, tap, blend upwards in circles on your cheeks and anywhere else the sun hits during the daytime and go. The product (somehow) captures the air’s moisture, so it increase skin’s vitality. That’s a three-in-one, which is a thumbs up in this wretched economy.

Available at or Bloomingdales or Ulta locations.

Pop Beauty’s Petal Jam is packaged in little jelly jars; it looks like it could have been plucked from the retail shelves of a country store or your local breakfast buffet. Quaint container aside, this shine-imparting, moisturizing lip balm tastes like crush sugar petals – yum- and your lips will glisten like a dew-kissed lily. It’s solid in the pot, but melts from your body temperature when you touch it. Dab a little on dry cuticles, too. I love Blooming Orange, which goes on sheer. As I pointed out in last month’s Best Bets, orange is the new pink and this product only proves that point.

Lastly, if you’ve got the time, but hate product settling into your epidermis on the hottest days, then why not be daring and try Pop Beauty’s Faux Lashes, which come in not only 15 different varieties, but also with a reusable case and with adhesive. It’ll wake up your entire look, which can get lethargic in the warmth of the sun, without being heavy. Put down the mascara for a few days and try these. They may have been intended for red carpet style glam, but why not use them whenever the spirit moves you? We say create trends…rather than following them! Or play with these for summer weddings or cocktail parties.

Available at, or Ulta locations.

Originally published March 2010



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