BEAUTY BEST BET OF THE DAY: Beauty for Real Revival Lip Scrub

I love sugar lip scrubs, especially those made by the inimitable Sara Happ. They are exfoliating, hydrating, and taste like crunchy rock candy. I always ended up swallowing some of the product, happily so. Beauty For Real’s Revival Lip Scrub is delish and once I gently remove it with a warm washcloth, I am left with the most supple, healthy-looking, and fresh-feeling lips. I think I am addicted to this product because it’s sweet and sugary and because my lips look utterly smooch-inviting. I don’t simply recommend this for winter-battered lips. This will keep your pucker in shape all year long! Don’t skip this step — hydrated, moist lips are always a priority and you’ll get them with regular use of this scrub.

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