By Eva Whalen


Want makeup that can expand the use and understanding of the electromagnetic vibrations of color, aroma, sound and physically healing thought? Then you’ll adore Tina & Tony products! Tony & Tina, authors of “Color Energy: How Color Can Transform Your Life,” use color in their makeup and beauty products to boost the benefits of each. Part of the Tony & Tina philosophy includes the fact that colors stimulate our chakras- the seven main energy centers in our bodies. Colors effect our energy system because chakras vibrate at frequencies of their corresponding colors. Here is a color code chart for your seven chakras:

White – the crown of the head where we achieve unity with a higher source
Violet – the “third eye” that enables us to manifest our visualizations and psychic ability
Blue – the throat, where we find our higher potential and manifest greater abundance by speaking the truth
Green – the heart, which connects us with love and where our consciousness merges wit the spiritual and the physical.
Yellow – the solar plexus, where our thoughts and opinions are formed
Orange – the spleen, primary center for emotion and intuition
Red – the base of our spine, where our primal instincts are, and where we find strength and passion.

Other Tony & Tina color boosts: Black – promotes change and fearlessness
Purple – promotes insight
Electric Pink – promotes openness and love
Electric Blue – promotes calm and truthfulness
Burgundy – aids contemplation
Brown – aids in seeing the good in others

Tony & Tina herbal eye stains ($16) come in caring (baby pink), happiness (iridescent purple), forgiveness (golden olive), friendship (golden brown), possibilities (golden sand), and tranquility (steel gray). They also come with the message that your view of the world is a mirror of how you view yourself-and you can choose whether what you see is positive or not.

The color frequency eye shadow quads ($32), which comes in a shiny silver compact with “Smile. You’re Beautiful.” etched into the mirror, is a great gift for yourself or a loved one. Eye shadow quads come in Source Energy (green/black/white grey), Universal Energy (brown, pink, peach, yellow), Creation (pink, brown, eggplant, hot pink), and Expressive (four blues).

Tony & Tina infuses the multi-purpose face color compact ($25) with moisturizing calendula, Roman chamomile to soothe, and antioxidant-rich Japanese green tea and orchid. Their tinted lip balms ($10) contain shea butter, evening primrose oil, babassu oil, tangerine oil, and vitamin E, and their dazzling lip quartz ($16) contains macadamia nut oil, soybean oil, and arnica extract. The Universal Kisses Lip Palette ($25) features six herbal aroma lip glosses in red, burgundy, purple, beige, nauve, and nude, scented with bergamot and geranium for an uplift.

Other herbs and vitamins used in Tony & Tina lines are German chamomile, apple seed extract, burdock, cornflower, linden blossom, aloe, soybean seed, St. John’s Wort, mallow, allantoin, squalane, lemongrass, carrot oil, sunflower oil, algea, pomegranate, nettle, and vitamins C and A.

To view the beautiful spectrum of Tony & Tina products, go to [url=][/url] – and buy their fascinating, informative Color Energy book before you choose your colors.

Originally published October 2004



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