By Maria Fernandez


So many of spend tons of money and time pouring through the pages of and endless amount of magazines checking out our favorite celebrities and wondering to ourselves what products they use to look so perfect and polished all the time. How do they get those always glossy lips, the extra long lashes and perfectly manicured nails? They must spend hundreds of dollars on make up artists and the highest end makeup products. Think again. These celebrities just know what lines to go to, to get the best products out there. So … read below and find out what the hottest products out there are, so hot that some of the top celebrities use them too!

Goldie Lipgloss in Leslie – A favorite of Mary Louise Parker. If I was stuck on deserted island, with no food, I might eat this because it smells so good. Opening up the tube you get a wiff of sweet vanilla. Put it on your lips and it’s even yummier. Goldie’s Leslie is a sheer red lipgloss. It gives your lips a high sheen, with red tint, that’s so natural people might think you were born with those strawberry red lips. It’s not tacky and I was able to make it last through two cups of coffee. Developed by the creators of Urban Decay, Goldie products are easily found at any Bath and Body Works stores or online at The gloss retails for only $14.00 per tube.

Revolotion – Favored by the stars of Desperate Housewives and the girls of The OC. Do you ever wonder how the stars keep that summer glow all year long and still manage to have flawless skin? Revolotion is the new revolution. It’s sheer body makeup with moisturizers and an SPF of 15. The macadamia oil and tiny flecks of mica leave your skin glowing and the lavender, tangerine and orange make you smell heavenly. Revolotion comes in three different shades for all skin tones. It glides on easily with no streaky application. Once dry Revolotion won’t stain your clothes and it washes off easily once in the shower. You can wear it if you’re just not ready to give up summer or if you want to add a little extra glow to your skin for a special night out. Revolotion retials for $21.00 and is available at Henri Bendel, select Nordstrom and Sephora or you purchase on-line at

Urban Decay XXX Shine Cooling Lip Gloss – Worn by Gwen Stefani. This stuff smells like one of those red and white peppermint candies. When I put it on, it gave me visions of candy canes and peppermint patty chocolates. Not only does it smell minty, and refreshes your breath on application, but it has a cooling effect on your lips when applied. It’s slick, but not goopy and when you lick your lips you can actually get a hint of mint! I found myself addicted to this and throughout the day was reapplying to get that cool minty feel on my lips. XXX is also packed with Vitamin E for a little extra conditioning to your lips. Perfect for puckering up! The XXX Shine Cooling Gloss retails for $15.00, per tube, and can be found at any Sephora stores or online at

Jessica Vineyard Nail Collection – Worn by such stars as Alicia Silverstone, Madonna and Tyra Banks. I guess they don’t call Jessica Vartoughian the “First Lady of Nails” for nothing. This fall she’s launching The Vineyard Collection. Six nailpolishes named after vintage wines. The polish makes your nails look like “fresh and ripe fragrant grapes”. The colors are deep and sexy, in shades of red and brown, with fun names like Spiced Shiraz and Vineyard Pinot. Unlike other dark polishes, once removed Jessica’s polishes leave your nails yellow. Jessica’s polishes are only $6.00 each, and can be purchased online at or fine salons, and spas across the country.

Lippman Nail Collection – Created for and in conjuction with such stars as Cher, Sarah Jessica Park, Mary J Blige and Kelly Ripa. My two favorites, from this collection, are Sarah Smile and Just Walk Away Renee. Sarah Smile was developed with Sarah Jessica Parker and is a light almost sheer pinkish color. It’s perfect for any season of the year, short nails or long. Just Walk Away Renee was created with Renee Zellwegger. It is a Black Cherry polish, best used in the fall and winter because of the deep intensity of the color. The two colors actually go very well together. I used Sarah Smile on my hands and Just Walk Away Renee on my feet. Lippman polishes are chip resistant, and although I only wore them for one week I could see a difference in the strength of my nails. All Lippmann polises, for the stars, retail for $15.00 a bottle and can be purchased at any Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus, and online at

Benefit Bad Gal Lash Mascara – A favorite of OC star Rachel Bilson. Most mascaras claim they will extend and thicken your lashes. Bad Gal Lash can honestly live up to this claim. I applied one coat of mascara and was amazed at the change in my lashes. It wasn’t an overly dramatic change were you might think I had layers of mascara, but very natural so that you would think I was born with long luscious lashes. Bad Gal has a thick brush so you get just the right amount of mascara on your brush. This is perfect for separating lashes and preventing clumping. You can pick up Bad Gal Lash Mascara, for $18.00, at Sephora stores or online at

Cargo SmokyEye Eyeliner Duo – Favorite pick of Mena Suvari’s. I knew this stuff was good, when I tried it on and my boyfriend said “Wow!” Cargo’s Smoky Duo comes in a cute silver compact with a crème and powder eyeshadow, in the same shade. You can wear each shadow alone, using the crème as the base, or you can blend them together, using the crème as the liner. One thing I did findout, after testing the product on my hand so I could figure out which color to apply, is that the crème has great staying power and almost seems waterproof. Cargo sells an application brush, that I would highly recommend. The brush is ergonomically designed, with a small fat handle, to help you apply the shadows easily and properly. You even get a little instruction pamphlet so you know exactly how to achieve that sultry, smoky eye look. Cargo’s smoky eye due, retails for $28.00. You can pick up the duo at any Sephora stores, or online at

Originally published October 2005



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