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The eyes are the window to the soul, so it is said. As the focal point of your face, they show so much of your expression that the lashes which line them should always accent these crucial features in a fantastic way. No lackluster lashes will do here. And if like most of us you weren’t born with the lovely long lashes that some Hollywood heavyweights seem to sport, you have to find the products that will produce the same style. We recently received an email from a reader who was searching for tips about products for eyelashes. She wished for lashes that were longer and fuller, so we did some research in this area – and Christine, we hope this helps!

On our quest to find the elusive eyelashes that you’ll love, several products we encountered definitely made the grade. We’ll give you a rundown of those and then some tips to application as well, which we received from our resident makeup artist extraordinaire, Erin Williams.

Products that proved they can take lashes to the next level include A Plush Mascara by Benefit. It does a good job for lengthening the lashes with the use of a full applicator brush that defines and divides them at your leisure in just one easy application. It makes sexy lashes simple, providing a lush fullness as the end result.

Vincent Longo flexes his muscles in the eyelash area via The Curl Mascara, whose curved wand molds to the lash line and reaches as well as separates lashes in one full swoop. It offers a thinner consistency to help darken and curl the lashes. The natural wax-based formula offers a thickening effect for a look that provides volume turned up high.

Bourjois Coup de Theatre False Lash Illusion – Duo Mascara does a magical job of lengthening and fulfilling the thickness lashes long for. It has white fibers on one side and black, or whatever color you want, on the other. You apply the fibers and they adhere to your lashes, which makes them look longer and fuller. Then you apply your color for a fabulous finish.

Smashbox goes the distance as well with their new Limitless Lash mascara. It doubles your lashes pleasure by containing a smudge-proof, flake-free, waterproof mascara on one side of the wand and a remover/conditioner on the other, which diffuses and gets rid of excess mascara while it rejuvenates and lengthens the lashes.

In developing lashes that seem to flow forever, application is key. How you apply the mascara can make it move mountains or make your lashes turn to mush. If you want lashes you’ll love, you have to get the brush to the base of your lash line and wiggle it upward and out. Extra swipes on the outer corners can also increase the distance your lashes are dying to dive into. Just do one swipe on top of the other a few times for maximum impact. Be sure to hit the inner lashes on the top row as well. If you experience clumping have a metal lash comb on hand to cure the case. Handle this item with extreme care. Metal lash combs are much more effective than plastic, but if you’re not focused and steady you could seriously injure your eye. Also, take a cue from curling. It can open up your lashes to new horizons. Two curlers that work well for that come from Shu Uemura and Kevyn Aucoin. Though beauty is always appreciated in the eye of the beholder, the power to perfect it is always controlled by the beheld. Hopefully, these products and the few quick tips provided here can help you get a handle on creating a coverage that courageous and oh so chic!

Originally published July 2003



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