By Amy Sciaretto

Sinead Norenius is a 16-year beauty industry veteran and licensed esthetician but her other passion is educating consumers about beauty. The sun-care expert, who has worked with celebrities including Natasha Bedingfield, is the editor-in-chief of and she helped develop Beautisol sun care products. So she is also “one of us!”

As if that weren’t enough, Norenius founded iFabbo, the International Fashion and Beauty Bloggers Organization, which combines her expertise in the beauty world with her knowledge of social media platforms. Clearly, she is a 21st century beauty maven, so naturally, Beauty News wanted to sit down with her and pick her brain about avoiding tanorexia and how Twitter and Facebook are crucial to moving beauty brands and the industry forward in 2011 and beyond.

BN: What inspired you to found iFabbo?
SN: It was honestly out of a need. As a blogger, I felt that there was no one unifying organization that both promoted the profession and provided support, education and an avenue to build relationships with brands that did not have an ad network affiliation. I wanted to create an organization that would help raise the level of credibility, endorse and support the bloggers that are serious about blogging and help moderate and manage the relationship between bloggers and brands. No other organization has a consumer outreach arm either. iFabbo is striving to be the “Consumer Reports or the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval” for the bloggersphere. We want consumers to know that when they read an iFabbo-endorsed blog or buy from an iFabbo-endorsed brand, they can rest assured that everyone is being honest, credible and behaves in an ethical manner. We are bringing together some of the most influential and credible bloggers within the arena to help build this organization and help lead by example.

BN: What does iFabbo offer that is invaluable, in your opinion?
SN: Credibility, support and recognition within the bloggersphere. We are all here to help elevate the profession and how bloggers are viewed in a rapidly changing environment.

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