By Jessica Mangione


Perfectly manicured hands are always in style. After winter’s cold, harsh weather, your hands probably are not a pretty sight. It’s ok, stop hiding them…Help is on the way! Your nails can be in style and filed to perfection in time for spring.

The au currant nail shape for Spring and Summer 2006 rounded or oval, replacing the square shapes of the past. This softer shape gives the appearance of longer, leaner fingers for those with shorter nail beds and fingers. Nails should be filed to a manageable length to prevent breaking, especially since we tend to be more active in the warmer weather…and no one likes to break a freshly manicured nail, especially when on vacation!

According to Ann Marie Cilmi, Director of Education and Development at Bliss Spa, this shape-shift has been made because, “round and oval shapes are more flattering to shorter fingers and nail beds than square-shaped nails.”

“Nail colors are a reflection of that particular season’s runway fashions. This season the most popular and fashionable tones are nude, pink and peach,” Cilmi said. According to manicurist Labsong Choedan of Dashing Diva lighter colors are popular for spring and summer, while darker colors are typically used in the fall and winter (though anyone who recalls the mid-90s Vamp CRAZE will attest to the fact that short, rounded blackish-red nails are sexxxxx-y!). “Pinks and oranges are popular on the feet, and neutrals and pale pinks are popular choices for clients’ hands,” she said. “The French manicure is a popular choice all year round,” she added. Though French Manicures are considered classic, the fact is that right now, they are not au currant.

Inspired by ice cream and gardens in full bloom Creative Nail Design’s latest color collection, Sugar Bloom, is full of light, creamy shades. Strawberry Daffodil is a pale pink crème while Creamsicle Carnation is a pale peach crème. Ice Cream at your fingertips? Am I dreaming???

Dashing Diva’s newest colors for spring/summer 2006 were inspired by fruits. With names like Mango Mania, Anna Banana, Darling Clementine, Summer Peach Selma, and Watermelon Tart, these colors look as delicious as they sound.

Remember that what’s in style doesn’t always work for everyone. If these lighter colors aren’t for you, that’s fine. “If you want to keep shorter or darker-polish nails, square-shaped nails are recommended over round shapes,” said Cilmi. We happen to love darker polish on rounded nails…so retro-chic!

No matter what the season, natural, healthy nails are preferable to cat-claw tips. Healthy nails look great with or without polish and the feminine rounded shape will optimize that naturally gorgeous nails look that every girl will envy.

Go ahead and make an appointment with your manicurist. The clock is ticking and we’ve got to get those nails in perfect shape for spring!

Originally published April 2006



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