By Amy Sciaretto

Bronx-born make up artist Samantha Lennon has been working her magic for 10 years now. She traipses across the five boroughs to work on films, photo shoots, fashion shows, you name it! She also offers a customized make up service where she educates clients on latest trends and offers tips on how to apply the latest products and with what brushes. To check out Lennon’s artistry or to get in touch with her for one of her services, check out her MySpace page at

What’s the number one tip you would give women on the street?
If you have the best skin that you can have, the make up will look the best it can. Focus on getting your skin perfect first instead of layering on tons of product to mask a problem.

Do you think there is a make up trend that is NYC specific?
You see everything in New York. Everything.

What are your predictions on what make up look will be hot this fall?
I’ve been seeing previews and I think this fall, we will see the continuation of the sculpted, designed face, with contouring under cheekbones. For smoky eyes, purples and grays will reign. There will be lots of glitter, too. The glitter will be that 1970s-type look. It’s a very clubby look for the eyes. Oh and how could I forget! Eyebrows will be back this fall, in a big way.

How does a woman who doesn’t have Sam Lennon as her personal make up artist achieve that sculpted look?
People can have me at home because of this new business venture I am going to start. It’s not expensive, either. People back in the day had to go to school for four years but I am a believer in getting the most information in the shortest amount of time. The must-haves for a sculpted face are definitely MAC Sculpt and Shape and a good sculpting brush from Sephora.

Ok, here’s a quick word association game. What’s your favorite product to use on yourself?
MAC Beige-ing Shadestick. I use it under everything for eye make up, whether I am going for a matte or a shimmer look. I use minimal amounts to pop color and it holds shadow all day

Your favorite feature to play up when you’re doing someone else’s make up?
Definitely the eyes. I started out doing eye make-up because that’s what I was first drawn to so I have a huge love for that and I always want to get better.

Your favorite drugstore find?
False eyelashes. You can find awesome ones for cheap, especially since they are temporary and not really reusable.

Lipstick vs. Gloss? Who wins?
That’s like asking me to pick between steak or lobster! Lipsticks can have both a wet or matted look – but with gloss, you can’t achieve as many looks, so if I had to make the choice, I’d choose lipstick.

Is there a current look that you hope goes away?
Misused glitter. You have to be careful with it. 95 percent of glitter usage is wrong. It has to be subtle, not chunky. It works when it’s a fine texture.

Eyebrows: threading, waxing or tweezing?
Tweezing for life. It’s more accurate and personal. It’s a small area so why not get in there!

Lastly, is it hard to achieve photo shoot looks in real life? Does it translate?
Totally. There is not as much of a gap anymore. There’s extreme stuff for high fashion shoots, but photo shoot style can be worn on the street if you don’t have too much else going on.

Originally published September 2008
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