By Erin Williams

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Are your lips so dry that you’re afraid if you kiss someone you’ll cut them? We’ve all been there. Here are some tips for those smooth smackers you’ve been missing.

– Get a cool air humidifier. This is good for your whole body actually. And also while you sleep, it will keep your heater from sucking the life out of your precious pout.

– Keep a good lip balm, I like Kiehl’s and Rosebud Salve, on your nightstand so that you don’t have an excuse not to put it on before you go to bed. Use it every night.

– If people are mistaking your lips for the surface of the moon, get some Vaseline and smear it on your mouth and watch a TV show for half an hour (or read a book, or exercise – whatever you would like to do that’s not as mind numbing smarty pants). Take a children’s toothbrush and GENTLY brush it across your lips for about a minute. Wipe off the Vaseline, rinse off any remaining residue, and apply a healthy amount of your fancy lip balm.

– Invest in tinted lip balms that are shea butter based – N.V. Perricone, Remede, Urban Decay and Burt’s Bees make great ones – to use when you’re not wearing lipstick but still want some color.

– If you have to wear lipsticks, choose hydrating formulas. Ideally, wait until your lips are healed enough before jumping back into the lipstick realm.

If you do all of this faithfully for two weeks, my sweets, you’ll have a seriously kissable mouth. Your boyfriend can thank us later.

Originally published March 2005

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