By Maria Fernandez


Whether you live in a large metropolis like New York City or a small town like Bedford, OH you can bet that you’ve been a victim of a white collar crime. You get home on any average day, and as you’re getting undressed the unthinkable happens… you notice make-up stains on the collar of your shirt! We all know that foundation is meant for your face, not your collar. Still, it’s difficult to find a foundation that will actually stay on your face, not to mention one that lasts all day. Well, look no further. This writer has tested some foundations that are bound to leave your face looking flawless and your collar clean!

Most of us are used to the traditional liquid or cream foundation. In my travels, I discovered ERA Face spray on foundation. I found a couple of advantages to this type of foundation. First, ERA is 60% water based, so it feels light on your skin. Second, since you’re working with spray on, you don’t have to worry about messy spills. ERA comes with application instructions as well as a puff for application, and a head wrap to hold your hair back during spraying. The directions are easy. Shake very well (especially the first time), hold 6″ to 8″ inches from your face and spray. It’s important to note that all you need is a two second spray otherwise you run the risk of looking like you’re wearing stage make-up. After spraying, you wait about ten seconds and, with the buff provided, you gently press your skin to remove any excess moisture. With the same puff, you “buff” your skin, which creates a wear and water resistant foundation. This foundation is fantastic, but it does take a few practice runs to get the right amount on and to press and buff it properly. ERA can be purchased at [url=][/url].


Ok, so spray on is not your style because you’re a traditionalist? If you like basic liquid foundation then you gotta try Clarins Multi-Matte Foundation. I have to confess: this was my favorite. It smells gorgeous and the coverage is amazing. I was hesitant at first, because it comes out of the tube a little thick, but once applied, it felt like I had next to nothing on. I could barely see an imperfection on my face! Clarins packed this foundation with tons of great stuff, too. The chestnut extract soothes, moisturizes and tightens pores while absorbent micro-sponges soak up excess oil all day. Clarins’ Auto-Focus pigments adapt to light and changes in climate which also contribute to the matte finish. The box says this foundation delivers long-lasting coverage and they weren’t lying. Even after a workout at the gym my makeup was intact. Clarins Multi-Matte Foundation can be purchased at [url=][/url] or select department stores such as Nordstrom and Bloomingdales.


Maybe you’re not the type of gal that likes all that coverage. If you’re looking for sheer coverage just to even out your skin tone then you have to try Lauren Hutton’s In the Cap Tinted Moisturizer. Unlike many tinted moisturizers, In the Cap is oil free so you don’t get that shiny look after applying. You also get long-lasting, light matte coverage.

I was impressed by the coverage this product provides. Some tinted moisturizers I’ve tried are too sheer, but this offers minimal coverage without being in the foundation family. The fun part of this product is the sheer concealer that’s hidden in the cap. Simply flip open the cap, and there is concealer with a tiny little mirror. You can’t beat two for the price of one! Lauren Hutton’s In The Cap is sold at [url=][/url] or [url=][/url].


If cream foundation is your style, boy have I got something for you! Benefit has developed Conversion, a cream to powder foundation. Two great features about this product are that you don’t need a sponge for application and it’s conveniently and compactly packed. You can throw it in your purse and carry it with you, in case you need a touch up at night.

This product is so easy to apply. All you do is dab the cream stick in sections on your face and then use your fingertip to blend. A light touch is all that’s required, and you can feel the cream “converting” to a powder as you go. Id say that they lived up to the claim that this product leaves a light-as-air feeling on your skin. I also found myself constantly touching my face because it left my skin feeling so soft. Even with that, Conversion stayed. An added bonus? How about it doubles really well as a concealer. Benefit’s Conversion is available at Nordstrom, Sephora, and Bloomingdale’s.


What if you’re not into creams or liquids? Well how about a powder foundation? I’ve got you covered, mes amies. Well, Urban Decay and I have you covered, that is. Try their Surreal Skin Mineral Make-up.

By using a powder foundation, you can easily control the amount of coverage you get. Powder foundation is about layering. More layering=more coverage. Unlike other mineral foundations, it’s applied with a puff as opposed to a brush. You get a pretty good flawless finish, that’s lightweight, and since it’s a powder, it’s great for oily or combination skin. Surreal Skin comes with an on/off switch which means you can toss it in your purse and not have to worry about messy spills. Also, the powder puff is attached, so you’ll never lose it. Urban Decay’s Surreal Skin Mineral Make-up can be purchased at [url=][/url] or Sephora stores nationwide.


So Ladies, don’t be afraid to put on that turtleneck or dress shirt because the Beauty News police have cut down on white collar crimes! Now not only will your Anne Fontaine’s be safer, but you will have long lasting foundation coverage, and you can dress peacefully knowing that your foundation will remain on your face, where it was meant to be.

Originally published April 2006



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