By Kimberly McDonald


Keep your eye on the ball this month, rambunctious Mizz Ram. Starting on the 1st and 2nd, your goal is to stay focused. Set goals and work hard and you're going to get what you want! Your particular brand of Savoire Faire is everywhere this month. By mid-month, you're bringing that special energy to a new idea and as long as you assess the situation properly, you're going to make it work (Wink Wink Tim Gunn). Later in the month you're up for some exercise that could take place in the gym, or maybe even in private (oooh la la); what's important is to get the blood flowing and your heart rate up. By the end of the month you're moving on to some new adventures, but make sure to keep those eyes open and look for signs. And while you're peeping for potential roadblocks, make sure to care for the skin around your eyes. Check out The Eye Concentrate from La Mer. The concentrated treatment cream drenches the sensitive skin around your eyes and reduces dark circles, lines, puffiness and wrinkles and infuses teir signature "miracle broth" -known for its healing energy. This magic potion also has hematite, a mineral known for its healing properties, and the silver-tipped applicator helps cool skin and improve micro-circulation. Available at

You're a natural moody, earthy and emotional Bull-ette, and this month will prove no different. However, it might be helpful around the 1st and 2nd to rev up your energy. Stop being so stubborn! You don't have to change your entire thought process, but at least try to keep a marginally open mind. You could actually learn something! Remember to talk about things that bother you with friends and loved ones- you can trust them. If you wanna go a little crazy mid-month, don't hold back; it'll do you good to let loose. You're going to have to deal with some issues at work around the 17th, and a financial crunch on the 27th"¦but through it all, you're going to find that the support of your friends will empower you as you overcome these obstacles. Speaking of overcoming life's annoyances, Skyn Iceland's Pure Cloud Cream with Biospheric Complex is all you'll need to triumph over the damage caused by winter cold and indoor heating (can you say parched skin?). Formulated to rescue skin from external, Pure Cloud Cream pampers and calms stressed skin. Fragrance-free and dye-free, Pure Cloud Cream is healing relief for sensitive skin"¦which of course you have, because you are the Most sensitive girl in the cosmos! Available at

Ever wanna call in for a mental health day, my double-headed darling? Well, start off the month by taking some much needed "me time". Things at work are hectic and you'll have to deal with some backstabbing. Instead of getting sucked into the drama, retreat and come back clear-headed and well rested. Zen is the real best revenge! Around the 10th you should make a list of those little things that are weighing on your mind and systematically address the issues. Clear out old issues just in time for new ones to arise - but don't stress because you're going to face challenges head on later in the month and yes, you will prevail! The 17th is your day. Could be that you get a raise, meet a tall handsome guy with a Pepsodent smile, or get out of a speeding ticket - or all three. The point is, things are going your way. Givenchy's Denim Collection is the perfect beauty boost for you this month. We love the Black Denim (shown here) and Indigo Denim Accessor'Eyes Powder & Cream Eyeshadow Quartets. Hilight, define, illuminate. This should be your mantra as the month draws to a close and you're hitting the town (perhaps with Mr. Pepsodent?). Available at

This month starts off without a bang and you're feeling like your cousin, the Hermit Crab, Miss Cancer. Try to quiet your mind and determine if what your feeling is a warning sign from deep within, indicating that you need some stay-at-home-and-rest time, or whether you should have an espresso and get yourself energized and do some socializing. Whatever you decide, only you know what you truly need. Be aware of yourself! Around the 10th someone is really going to be getting on your nerves - rise above it and don't get dragged into any drama. By the 17th it's time to shake that thang on the dance floor (good thing you rested up earlier in the month) and you might find yourself pulling an all-nighter with a sexy someone. Good thing you have Oscar Blandi's Pronto Dry Shampoo. Helps expensive salon blow-outs last longer, absorbs oil while treating and nourishing your scalp, and smells heavenly - thanks to lemon verbena. And since you're going to be thinking about the environment a lot as the month winds down, you'll be proud of your water-conserving self as you catch a glimpse of your gorgeous locks in the window as you prance down Madison Avenue. Available at

They say that March comes in like a Lion, and you're going to make sure that this year is no different, Luscious Leo. You're starting the month off right, taking care of numero uno! Your health is too precious to mess around with so take this time to address any aches and pains, and examine your daily routine. You'll find that small changes yield big results. Move toward optimum health by getting your rest, avoiding caffine, and taking the stairs. Around the 7th you might feel like biting a co-workers head off. Don't. I don't need to explain to you, proud Leo, the merits of keeping your cool. Mid-month you'll find that relying on your pride (the lion's group - not the egoism) will serve you well. Release all that baggage you've been holding on to and move forward with a fresh attitude. Speaking of fresh, amazing Sephora Body Scrubs come in like a dozen scents - ranging from Creme Brulee to Tropical Jasmine. Each is formulated with jojoba beads to slough off dead skin and Macadamia seed oil to nourish. You'll want to make sure you have your nourishment as the month ends and romance is on your agenda"¦you lamb!

The month starts out with a focus on the workplace, oh Virginesque one. Be it a new romance or a big promotion, look for things around the office to heat up. By the 7th, you're tempted to abandon your normally cool demeanor when someone falls short of your expectations. Try to avoid criticism, they'll pull through in the end. You're all about big ideas mid-month and you should express them! You're feeling great and in control of your own destiny as the month comes to a close. Speaking of big ideas, you'll want to pick up Chantecaille's Protect Paradise Face Compact. The translucent powder compact has shades of corals and pinks that deliver tiny, smooth particles and micronized pigments that leave your skin looking smooth and radiant. A portion of the proceeds from the sales will be donated to the Pew Fellowship in Marine Conservation that funds vital research on fish sustainability and marine preserves.

Your scales are tipping as the month begins, my Libran friend. Your typically balanced demeanor has been set off kilter and your mood is bleak and brooding. You may even find yourself taking some sentimental walks down memory lane and reliving the pain of love lost. Our advice? Get up off the sofa, put the Ben & Jerry's in the trash, take off that old wool cardigan and give your hair a break from the scrunchie. Physical activity is the best therapy for you, so hit the gym, take a walk through the park, go out dancing with the girls. Put the melancholy on the back shelf and before you realize, it'll be far from the forefront of your mind. Around mid-month, have a night out with friends and plan on being the best dressed one in the group and flirt, flirt, flirt! And what's more flirtatious than full, healthy, shiny lips? Lancome's Juicy Tubes World Tour glosses a collection of iconic Juicy Tubes that are dressed to thrill. Inspired by four hot fashion cities, each must-have, limited-edition tube has been decorated with a chic dress by London\'s darling fashion designer, Christopher Kane. Each city has its own designer dress. From Red Hot New York and Paris Bubbly to Tokyo Plum Blossom and Rio Mango, enjoy a worldly splash of nine new shades and flavors, which will pick up your spirits as the month draws to a close and you find yourself once again reflecting on the past and pulling out that wool cardie.

Naivety has never been something that you're known for, Scorpio sister, so make sure that you have your radar up and functioning as the month begins. You're swimming in a sea of ideas and creative energy. Ever the risk-taker, just make sure that someone in your circle isn't looking to fulfill a hidden agenda. On the 7th be sure not to lose that noxious temper - it isn't worth it this time! Love is in the air and if you might find yourself falling fast. Learn to compromise and you will get just who and what you want this time. On the 22nd a friend shares a secret. They know it's safe with you. The 26th and 27th are stellar and everything is going your way"¦just continue to trust your instincts! Speaking of instincts, your instincts draw you to Thierry Mugler's Alien Ritual Oil/Gold Wax. The duo leave skin radiant and glowing while it imparts a rich sensual fragrance.

Miss Sagittarius starts her month off fresh and ready for spring. Money is on your mind and you've entered a particularly entrepreneurial phase, with ideas flowing like water. Get serious and organized and you'll be able to get the backing to get your new venture off the ground. Think big! Speaking of big, you'll want big lashes as you launch your new venture. Try Clinique's New Lash Power Long-Wearing Formula Mascara. Promises to keep your lashes long and lush for 24 hours without flaking or smudging. Even the smallest lashes will stand out as you jet from meeting to meeting later in the month. Being a mogul is tough work, sister!

You're feeling like the center of attention as the month begins, Miss Capricorn, and you absolutely love it. All the admiration you usually vie for comes naturally this month as you radiate confidence. Enjoy this time, because later in the month you're going to have to deal with a sneaky someone who has a nasty trick up their sleeve (perhaps a jealous coworker?). Spend time with kids if the duplicity of adult life starts to get you down. You'll be reinvigorated by their sense of priorities (Fun Fun and more Fun!) and it'll keep you grounded. Speaking of grounded, there are always mud pies to make with the kids, or the adult version: Erno Laszlo's Sea Mud Dual Phase Wash. Active pHelityl Cleansing Oil combined with the deep cleaning properties of Sea Mud, keeps your skin glowing.

Your head is usually in the clouds, my water-bearing darling, but this month you're particularly flighty. Reign yourself in a bit by making an effort to get organized (Gasp!) and disciplined. If you can't focus on work, take a break and go to the gym. Perhaps you'll come back to your desk with a bit more focus. If you're bored by a coworker's story, force yourself to pay attention"¦there is something vital in their yammering for you. We understand, you're a free spirit and an independent thinker, but even the more independent minds benefit from the thoughts and words of others. By the end of the month, that nugget you gleaned from their recount will come in handy as you spend time with some VIP's engaged in brilliant conversation. You'll captivate them with your unique perspective and your gorgeous skin - skin you got thanks to using Yves St. Laurent's Hydra-Feel Intense Water Masque. It hydrates, protects and nourishes, leaving skin radiant.

Usually the giving type, precious Pisces, you have got to learn to let others do for you! On the 1st you might find yourself in need, and it'll do others good to finally be able to be there to offer a helping hand. As the first week of the month flies by, you're reflecting on some recent business decisions you've made and you realize you're setting yourself up to live your dreams. Well done! You also realize that every day is a test, and that the by the 17th the major test for you, fishy girl, is to take control of your health. Nothing is more important as you make your way in life than protecting your health so get to the gym, schedule that annual check-up, and take your vitamins! Leaf & Rusher Tx Eyes is a vitamin enriched comprehensive day and night treatment for rapid repair and protection of the eye area- improving texture, clarity, and resilience within weeks. Helps boost collagen production and increase firmness.
Originally published March 2008



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