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Exciting Aries lives her life at full tilt. Boredom is the enemy, so her days are packed with friends, fun and the pursuit of new endeavors. There isn’t much time left for makeup and skin care, so the products that make it into her bag have to multitask like crazy! Her newest superstar: Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream with SPF 50+ from IT Cosmetics. A full coverage color correcting cream with time-stopping anti-aging serum and broad spectrum SPF 50+, this MVP hides everything she doesn’t want seen without highlighting fine lines or anything other than her natural fabulosity. With five shade choices, it will stick with her no matter how much of her fun takes place in the sun! Set yourself up for complexion perfection at

RAMbling Roses: Reese Witherspoon, March 22; Alyson Hannigan, March 24; Katharine McPhee, March 25; Kristen Stewart, April 9; Victoria Beckham, April 17; Jennifer Garner, April 17; Kate Hudson, April 1

Patient Taurus knows that the best things in life are worth waiting for. When she decides to pursue something, she’ll devise a rock solid plan and stick with it until she succeeds. The winter months have left her feeling … and looking … a bit dull. Time to pursue brightness! Spring sunshine and flowers will take care of her mind. Her skin needs something extra, though. elure™ Advanced Brightening product line is exactly what she needs. Richly foaming face wash, rebalancing skin lotion and moisture rich night cream band together to transform lackluster skin with Melanozyme™. Within a few weeks, her skin tone will be flawless and her objective achieved! Start on your path to enlightenment at

Bully For Her: Bettie Page, April 22; Carol Burnett, April 26; Uma Thurman, April 29; Adele, May 5; Dian Mills, May 10; Malin Ackerman, May 12; Madeleine Albright, May 15

Creative Gemini always has million ideas bouncing around in her head. One minute she’s writing the next great rock opera, the next she’s dispensing dating advice to the online masses. She’s ready for anything, anytime and prides herself on being adaptable and independent. She’s also got the attention span of a gnat so, to keep all those big projects straight and on her radar, her Squid iPad Bag is always fully stocked and by her side. Made of durable (and pretty) taffeta nylon, it not only features a padded zipper compartment for her iPad (or any other tablet that might catch her eye) but four additional pockets to store all the pens, note pads, headphones, chargers and assorted inspirations she needs to stay on track and in high productive gear! Organize your imagination at

Double Trouble: Pam Grier, May 26; Heidi Klum, June 1; Marilyn Monroe, June 1; Natalie Portman, June 9; Venus Williams, June 17; Zoe Saldana, June 19; Stevie Nicks, June 26

Nurturing Cancer spends most of her time making sure the people she cares about feel loved and appreciated. The only person she ever forgets to take care of is herself! Every now and then, she realizes that her brilliant inner light isn’t really shining through like it should. That’s when Shiseido takes over with their pampering, refreshing White Lucent Power Brightening Mask. Inspired by iontophoresis and powered by Ion Force Technology, it deeply saturates her skin with luxurious ingredients that leave her face soft, even toned and luminous! Give your skin a healthy dose of radiance at

Soft Shells: Meryl Streep, June 22; Frances McDormand, June 23; Deborah Harry, July 1; Princess Diana, July 1; Olivia Munn, July 3; Kristen Bell, July 18; Selena Gomez, July 22

Super-social Leo has so many friends, her schedule is insane! That’s exactly how she likes it, though, and she thrives on being the life of every party in town. Home becomes little more than a cleanse-and-snooze pit stop, and even those tasks can’t take too long. Atopalm Moisturizing Cleansing Wipes reduce clean-up time to seconds! These paraben-free, pre-moistened cloths sweep away dirt, makeup and excess oil, leaving even the driest, most sensitive skin feeling soft and smooth. They also come in a portable, resealable pack for maximum convenience. It’s wipe, snore and on to the next adventure! Pick up your own express complexion perfectors at

Hear Them Roar: Anna Paquin, July 24; Helen Mirren, July 26; J.K. Rowling, July 31; Martha Stewart, August 3; Viola Davis, August 11; Jennifer Lawrence, August 15; Loretta Devine, August 21

Logical Virgo views the arrival of spring as bittersweet. On one hand, she can pack away her heavy coats, sweaters and boots! On the other hand, the skirts and dresses that replace them make leg upkeep a must. This requires the best razor on the market and, to her surprise, she finds that the best tool for a woman was made for a man! Schick Hydro Power Select™ is the world’s first custom power wet shave razor. With a 3-setting comfort control system, interactive LED digital interface, water-activated hydrating gel reservoir, handy flip trimmer and sleek design, it takes the same care of her legs that it would a man’s face. The result: soft, smooth, nick-free skin for all to admire! Perfect your gams at food, drug and mass stores nationwide.

Mercury Rising: Blake Lively, August 25; Salma Hayek, September 2; Beyonce, September 4; Chrissie Hynde, September 7; P!nk, September 8; Amy Poehler, September 16; Anne Bancroft, September 17

Classy Libra is known for her charming, easygoing manner and friendly disposition. She’s proud to be considered “sweet”, but secretly longs for an edge. She lives vicariously through bold, outspoken celebrities but needs a little help to add some spice to her sugar. The perfect addition to her beauty regimen: Pink Friday by Nicki Minaj. An intoxicating blend of exotic starfruit, jasmine petals, vanilla, skin musks and woods, this fragrance is as light and pretty as she is, while subtly coaxing her inner vixen out to play. She’ll be wearing day-glo wigs and rapping at the PTA luncheon in no time! Find your spotlight-in-a-bottle at fine department stores everywhere.

Scale It Up: Olivia Newton-John, September 26; Serena Williams, September 26; Julie Andrews, October 1; Kate Winslet, October 5; Rachel McAdams, October 7; Sigourney Weaver, October 8; Freida Pinto, October 18

Resourceful Scorpio is a highly analytical, problem solving dynamo. When she feels something can be improved, her laser focus turns to finding the optimal solution. To safely reduce pesky fine lines and wrinkles on her forehead and around her eyes, she needs the BIOBLISS™ Anti-Wrinkle Patch System. These easy-to-wear patches use micro-current infusion technology to gently saturate her skin with powerful peptides, vitamins and antioxidants. Just one 30-minute treatment leaves her skin rejuvenated, tighter and noticeably smoother. With regular weekly use, she’ll be carded buying lottery tickets until she’s 90! Ready for action at

Stingalicious: Katy Perry, October 25; Jenny McCarthy, November 1; Tilda Swinton, November 5; Emma Stone, November 6; Grace Kelly, November 12; Jodie Foster, November 19; Goldie Hawn, November 21

Magnetic Sagittarius is acutely aware that, wherever she goes, all eyes are usually on her. As thrilling as this is, it’s also a bit intimidating. Every detail of her appearance must have special attention, starting with her smile. The Rembrandt® Deeply White Collection easily keeps her teeth healthy and sparkling! Endorsed by top celebrity makeup artist Amy Oresman (who has styled such red carpet stunners as Rachel Bilson, Kate Bosworth, Zoe Saldana and Cindy Crawford), the collection includes peroxide-enhanced toothpaste and mouthwash as well a two-hour whitening kit for those times when her public can’t wait. Make your smile shimmer at

Her Aim is True: Christina Applegate, November 25; Tina Turner, November 26; Kathryn Bigelow, November 27; Bette Midler, December 1; Tyra Banks, December 4; Judi Dench, December 9; Taylor Swift, December 13

Ambitious Capricorn is a one-woman band in most areas of her life. If she wants something done, she does it herself! Although satisfying, that philosophy doesn’t leave her much sleep time. She needs something quick, simple and effective to keep her looking bright and perky. L’Occitane Immortelle Brightening Mist is her beauty product equal. A light, alcohol-free spray, it refreshes and softens her complexion while setting her makeup perfectly and banishing any hint of fatigue. Illuminate your busy self in stores and at

Capricornucopia: Helena Christensen, December 25; Tracey Ullman, December 30; Katie Couric, January 7; Pat Benatar, January 10; Kirstie Alley, January 12; Betty White, January 17; Dolly Parton, January 19

Smooth talking Aquarius is a born entertainer. She can regale people for ages about her exploits and never tires of listening to other people’s shenanigans. At the end of the day, though, all she wants is to soak in a hot bath with only the sound of rippling water to quiet her senses. The perfect soap for the perfect soak: St. Ives Revitalizing Pear & Soy Body Wash. Rejuvenating and hydrating, this all–natural mood booster will leave her feeling fresh, pampered and ready to fascinate anybody who comes her way! Schmooze your way to the nearest drugstore to find your own dose of sensory refreshment.

The Water’s Fine: Geena Davis, January 21; Ellen DeGeneres, January 26; Oprah Winfrey, January 29; Kerry Washington, January 31; Shakira, February 2; Elizabeth Banks, February 10; Jennifer Aniston, February 11; Christina Ricci, February 12

Captivating Pisces loves to be the center of attention. She walks, talks and dresses to guarantee that, no matter what the setting, all eyes are on her! That means that her skin must be beyond flawless. Now she can take it there with ZO® Medical Aknetrol™ 10% Benzoyl Peroxide Acne Treatment. It uses tea tree oil to fight bacteria and calm redness and white glycerin to replenish moisture, turning her skin to silk while decreasing sebum production to banish clogged pores and excessive shine. The result: unforgettable, glowing perfection! Render yourself irresistible at

Up the Yin Yang: Ellen Page, February 21; Drew Barrymore, February 22; Chelsea Handler, February 25; Rashida Jones, February 25; Elizabeth Taylor, February 27; Marypatricia Mills, March 1; Carrie Underwood, March 10; Eva Longoria, March 1
Originally published April 2013



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