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By Marie VanAssendelft


As the leaves change color and we wave goodbye to summer, we thought this would be a great time to pick the brain of’s Editor-in-Chief, Kimberly McDonald. We showed up with a list of questions about makeup, hair and anything we could think of and posed them to our beauty guru that has all the answers. So get out that pen and paper and jot down what are just some of the editor’s favorite things for fall and beyond.

BN: What’s your favorite lipstick color and brand for fall?
Kimberly: Chanel Glossimer in Sunset Gold.

BN: What’s your favorite way to spend an extra $20?
Kimberly: Archipelago Botanicals candle in HAVANA scent.

BN: What’s your favorite for the “best new television show” that hasn’t aired yet for Fall?
Kimberly: Im not a TV watcher.

BN: What are your favorite fall fashion trends for this year?
Kimberly: Fall is for classics, in my book. I cant wait to put on some cashmere…saffron, plum, olive, cocoa and navy. I love the embellishments on the new clothes, I’ll definitely be including some of those pieces in my wardrobe.

BN: What’s your favorite way to get the perfect eyebrows?
Kimberly: Paula at Warren Tricomi (the Rockefeller Center location) is the Eyebrown Guru of my life.

BN: What’s your favorite perfume that has the capability of stopping nose traffic?
Kimberly: Hermes 24 Faubourg. I think it’s probably what heaven smells like.

BN: What’s your favorite spa treatment to relieve end-of-summer panic?
Kimberly: Body exfoliation

BN: What’s your favorite way to accessorize with sweaters?
Kimberly: Diamond Studs & great boots

BN: What’s your favorite hidden gem of NYC?
Kimberly: Harry’s Bar at the Park Lane, the Ghost store on Bond Street, Bokhee on Third Ave.

BN: What’s your favorite destination spot that doesn’t require a passport?
Kimberly: Maui. Fairmont Kea Lani

BN: What’s your favorite recent restaurant discovery?
Kimberly: The Burger Joint at Le Parker Meridien

BN: What are your top five “must-have” designer items?
Kimberly: Nanette Lepore Gypsy Jacket, Ghost beaded top, Norma Kamali Goddess dress, Franklin Elman boots, a military jacket and Donna Karan Aviator sunglasses.

BN: What’s your favorite way to keep your summer tan once the summer has ended?
Kimberly: My favorite way is to travel…in the absence of that opportunity an occasional trip to the tanning salon and some moisturizer with tan extender do the trick.

BN: What’s your favorite way to spend a “girls night out?”
Kimberly: Dinner at Cowgirls and then off to Hogs n Heifers or the Cellar Bar at the Bryant Park Hotel…or Drinks at the Waldorf before the Opera…depends on the mood.

BN: What’s your favorite gift to give for a friend’s birthday?
Kimberly: Something I’d love to receive, myself. I have a couple of ‘never fail’ picks. Earrings. Every woman I know loves to receive great earrings that she might not buy for herself. I go to Mary Louise Designs (available at Bloomingdales SoHo) or ROCKRAS (if the recipient is into yoga, charkas, etc). Or I get great coffee table books. Something like Tiffany in Fashion makes a great gift. I usually hit Rizzoli’s for the best selection (and always leave with something for myself too!)

BN: What’s your favorite cure for a breakout?
Kimberly: DDF Pumice Acne Scrub and then by day DDF’s Benzoyl Peroxide gel and by night Sonya Dakar’s Omega3 Repair Complex.

BN: What’s your favorite song to sing in the shower?
Kimberly: Don’t Cry For Me Argentina or anything by Peter Allen.

BN: What’s your favorite quote that relates to beauty?
Kimberly: “Elegance is innate. It has nothing to do with being well dressed. Elegance is refusal.” ~ Diana Vreeland

BN: What’s your favorite store that you just can’t live without?
Kimberly: Pretty much anything you need, day or night, you can find online…I tend to do a lot of my “need” shopping online. I guess the internet is my ‘cant live without’ store!

BN: What’s your favorite celebrity style?
Kimberly: I think Sienna Miller, Charlize Theron, Jennifer Aniston, Dianne Lane and Scarlett Johansen all have their own unique styles. That doesn’t mean it works for everyone…they are just stylish celebrities. I tend to think real, normal, women are as stylish – if not moreso – than celebs. Most people could look amazing with unlimited budget and the ability to borrow or get gratis from major designers. Dressing well, having your own style and doing it all without free goodies or a stylist is, to me, much more impressive. Still, these women seem to have that flair of their own…

BN: What’s your favorite way to brave through a rainy day?
Kimberly: Mountains of pillows, ice cream, old movies and someone’s legs tangled up with mine.

BN: What’s your favorite piece of advice that you’ve received in your life?
Kimberly: Actions speak louder than words. It’s true. If you watch someone’s actions, no matter what they say, you’ll figure out who they really are.

BN: What’s your favorite beauty tip that might seem a bit unusual?
Kimberly: Every night brush your lips after brushing your teeth. This exfoliates the dead skin. Follow up with Temple Spa Lip Balm…it’s the best stuff around!

BN: What’s your favorite shoe that’s debuting this fall?
Kimberly: Christian Louboutin Leopard Pumps.

BN: What’s your favorite way to keep warm and look stylish?
Kimberly: Cashmere.

BN: What’s your favorite cosmetic item that you’ve always used and will never stop using?
Kimberly: Helena Rubinstein Stellars lip glosses. No longer available in the US, but you can always find them online (my favorite store!)

BN: What’s your favorite book that you’ve recently read that made you laugh?
Kimberly: The World According To Mr Rodgers.

BN: What’s your favorite place to have cocktails and what’s their cocktail specialty?
Kimberly: For brunch cocktails, Jane (on Houston) is tops. They’ve perfected the art of the champagne cocktail. For evenings I love Harry’s for champagne and El Rio Grande for Margaritas.

BN: What are your favorite fall accessories?
Kimberly: Bangles & cool handbags

Now that all our questions have been answered, we will kick off fall by brushing our lips, splashing on some Hermes 24 Fauborg; and then heading out the door in our plum cashmere sweater to sip some champagne at Harry’s. Thanks Kimberly, we couldn’t start the season without you!

Originally published September 2005



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