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By Stephanie Ila Silver-Silberstein


Massage therapists, psychotherapists, nutritionists, manicurists, acupuncturists, and hair stylists. This checklist of “ists” seems never-ending in this great city of New York, where the world always seems to be one step ahead of you. So when you get your Manolo Blahnik stuck in a subway grate for the 5th time on your way to a job you don’t even like, do you ever stop and wonder if you’re exactly where you want to be on any given day or in your life in general? If you consistently find yourself experiencing a great deal of confusion over this issue, perhaps it’s time to cancel your personal training session and call up Mary Corradino – professional life coach.

To gear up for my meeting with Mary, I filled out a questionnaire about my life goals and personal value system of beliefs. Years of self-discovery and over-analysis of every facet of my personal life history allowed me to breeze through these forms and charts. But if I wanted to change my answers to these questions for the long term, I would need Mary’s help. Unlike a psychiatrist who acts as a great listener and prescribes medicine when necessary, Mary’s job is to “coach” you. She’ll help you take the next step. Mary will be your personal cheerleader and get you to take that risk or make that choice you’ve been procrastinating about, and subsequently, guide you throughout the process.

Life coaching is something from which anyone can benefit. Whether you’re working out issues in your personal, financial, or professional life, life coaching can be the kick in the pants you need to make your life finally change for the better. The wheel of life is a tool she uses to show you how balance is needed and can be achieved in your quest towards happiness. By seeing how the wheel is evenly split into sections – Family/Parenting, Personal Development, Spiritual Awareness, Fun and Enjoyment, Intimate and Social Relationships, Health/Aging, Personal Finance and Career/Profession – one is able to see the big picture and how all pieces of the pie contribute to a person’s total life satisfaction. Clients of Mary can choose which “slice(s)” they want to focus on to achieve fulfillment in life.

We all know to get a manicure once a week, our hair trimmed once a month and see our gynecologist once a year. We spend all sorts of time and money to “better” ourselves but sometimes, all of that is not enough. That’s where a professional coach can step in and as Mary puts it, “be your partner in helping you have all of what matters most to you.” She meets with her clients either in person or via phone about 3 times a month for 45-minute sessions (after the initial session, which is twice as long). I only chatted with Mary for an hour or so, but in that brief time, I could understand why Mary is so good at what she does.

Mary began her career in accounting. This lead to a job as a consultant and eventually, she became the director of a staffing firm. Because she so enjoyed working with others in helping people find suitable jobs, and knowing she needed to be passionate about whatever she chose to do with her professional and personal life, Mary naturally segued into a career as a life coach. She hasn’t looked back since. Her clients range from executives at any given company that commissions her for her services, to individuals looking to change careers, to a wife trying to get through a rough patch in her marriage.
This month, for the first time ever, readers of Beauty News NYC will have the chance to receive a total makeover (see makeover contest article). To some, this may mean a new hair color, a new body or some new clothes. But for others, a makeover could be a new outlook, a new perspective or a new approach to life. The outside is relatively easy to fix. If you need some extra help with the inside, call Mary Corradino for a complimentary session and get the motivation you need.

Mary Corradino, CPA
Chrysalis Group
Coaching for personal & professional success
914-497-8724 (p)
425-645-2150 (f)
[[email protected]][email protected][/email]

Originally published November 2004



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