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Well known in Hollywood for creating behind-the-scenes beauty magic, Carol Shaw is one of our favorite local treasures. Longtime makeup artist, turned entrepreneur, Shaw brings timeless red carpet tools to beauty consumers via LORAC cosmetics.

BEAUTYNEWSLA: Was creating a product line always part of your plan?
CAROL SHAW: No, it wasn’t. I was a working makeup artist, but after years of struggling with my own ultra-sensitive skin and dealing with my celebrity clients’ sensitive skin, I had a heart’s desire to create a makeup that was extremely gentle, non-irritation, and looked and felt like real skin!

BNLA: We’re huge fans of your eye shadows – Do you have a personal favorite product in the line?
CS: I love my eye shadows, too. However, I can’t live without my oil-free wet/dry powder makeup. It instantly makes my skin look even and silky-smooth… without making me break out!

BNLA: Is there anything known as the LORAC signature product? Any cult faves so-to-speak?
CS: All of LORAC’s complexion products do very well. A cult favorite is the LORAC “TANtalizer Body Bronzing Luminizer.” Celebrities, makeup artists and women everywhere tell me how much they love this product!

BNLA: As you know, LA is the forefront of red carpet beauty & glam… We’ve already gotten through the Golden Globes and SAG. What beauty trends should we be looking forward to for the Oscars next month?
CS: You will always see glamorous red lips on the red carpet with lashes and eye liner. You will also probably see smoky eyes paired with light lips.

BNLA: Are you doing any nominees or presenters? If so, can you give us any hints about their looks?
CS: I have a couple of people pending, can’t say yet. My signature look is smoky dark eyes with glowing bronze skin and light glossy lips.

BNLA: Do any of your celeb clients have LORAC products they don’t leave home without? Anything YOU don’t let them hit a red carpet without?
CS: Debra Messing always has my new QVC “Evening Out” compact in her clutch on the red carpet. It has everything she needs to touch herself up…concealer, powder, mirror and all the tools she needs to apply. Evening Out is a must-have for the red carpet and for everyday.

BNLA: What’s coming up for 2010?
CS: I have beautiful paraben-free Multiplex glosses coming out for spring that are infused with 3D multi-dimentional pigments that make the lips look fuller and sexier than ever!
We have three new Baked Eye Shadow Trios – Rockstar (blue), Star Struck (plum) and Star Studded (Bronze/Green).

And if you’re a fan of my eye shadows, you will love my new eye shadow primer called “Behind the Scenes.” It is the best primer on the market! It’s lightweight and easy to use for crease-resistant, long-lasting eye shadow.

BNLA: What beauty trends/looks to you see differing from NY to LA, if any?
CS: It seems like women in LA wear more makeup, but they sure buy a lot in NY!

BNLA: If you had to sum up Angeleno beauty in a few words, how would you describe it – as opposed to the rest of the world?
CS: Bronze, bold and beautiful!

BNLA: In three words, Carol Shaw is…
CS: Sensitive, creative and fun!

BNLA: In a sentence, LORAC is…
CS: …the red carpet authority.

BNLA: Where can we look for you next?
CS: I will be on QVC on February 8th at 4PM EST. Tune in!

Originally published February 2010



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