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By Irene Fogarty

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Recently I’ve been yearning for greens. Not just broccoli, spinach and sprouts but my favourite veg, real leafy greens—kale (chou frissée). But where can you find it in Paris? Forget about Naturalia (the French ‘Whole Food’ bio chain) and all organic stores and local markets. Nothing. Not a sign of those lovely, curled, dark, nutritious and delicious leaves! I even emailed Fresh Corner, (the French ‘FreshDirect’ that delivers seasonal organic veg) and they didn’t even bother respond. So just when I was on the brink of starting to complain, I’m reading ‘A Nous’ paper on the metro this morning and guess what I came across? An article called the ‘The Kale project’ a ‘movement to bring the healthiest green vegetable to Paris! Bring on the manifesations at République! ‘Yes We Kale!!’ ‘We Want Kale!!’

Grassroots Beginnings
‘The Kale Project’ is pretty recent as it all began in April 2012 by an American, Kristen Beddard, who moved to Paris the year before. Determined to get the leafy-green vegetable back to France, Kristen discovered that kale was nearly impossible to find in Paris (and France) as I well know. Baffled as to why is kale is available in the UK, Ireland, Italy, etc but not France, Kristen and her KTP is making it her personal mission to bring kale back to France again. Bravo!

On a mission
The KP mission is simple:

1.When in season, kale will be available to buy in outdoor markets, health food stores and supermarkets.
2. Integrate kale into Paris restaurants
3.Educate the French community about kale: why it is good for you and what you can do with it.
4. Expand The Kale Project beyond Paris and into France.

Have a cock-kale!
So with that check out this great site and movement,
Kristen will not only keep you posted on where the next sprig of kale will sprout up in Paris (and France), but you can also see what other kale groupies are finding and talking about in Paris and indeed globally. Oh and be sure to check out the cool kale cocktails or rather cock-kales! My fav?
The St Patrick‘s green concoctions of course!

Originally published December 2013



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