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By Jennifer Witt


From Tandoori Chicken to Henna-painted hands, new favorite book The Namesake and old stand bye movie, Bend It like Beckham, I’ll admit to an affinity for all things India. A visit to The Taj Mahal is on top of my dream vacation list, I’m a closet Bollywood fan and think those colorful Sari’s are as fashionable as some of Dolce and Gabbana’s Spring 2005 dresses. This is why I was overjoyed to learn of Kalpanas Collection, a new clothing and jewelry line for women, borrowing the luxurious, exotic fabrics of India and updating them with a modern twist that us Westerners can wear without looking like a snake charmer in Jaipur.

Everything from exquisite silk brocade blouses with hand jeweled necklines to ornate shawls intricately woven with silk and metallic thread (update your old pashmina to one with SPICE!). Rounding out the collection is an assortment of traditional Indian jewelry in the forms of silver anklets and delicate earrings enhanced with semi-precious stones like garnet, peridot and citrine. It is said that Indian royalty and wealthy noblemen wore anklets to signal their arrival – this must have been prior to the advent of doorbells!

Kill that Kimono. Burn your Beret. Heed advice from this Guru who says that the ‘haute’ new trans-continental fashion comes from a land rich in spiritual enlightenment. No need to thank Ganesh – instead say your sun salutations to Kalpana Jaggi, for bringing our Bombay Dreams to life! Namaste.


Originally published April 2005



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