Artificial Intelligence

While hopping around the west village last Friday night, in search of the perfect bar and restaurant at which to blow our time and cash, my friend and I instead stumbled upon on the perfect store – a little gem with such an inconspicuous presence, had we not practically fallen into the place, while trying to pinpoint our location on Bleecker St (which runs sideways around there – CONFUSING!), we never would have noticed NY Artificial.

Like a pirate stumbling onto a buried treasure, we were immediately entranced by the various offerings such as the bracelets and rings artisan Ayazakura created out of recycled metal, re crafted and adorned with gemstones and fresh water pearls, the kind of jewelry made for urban mermaids! The Susana Pesce collection also tickled our fancy, with her ornate deco designs and insiders report that Sigorney Weaver was recently seen snatching up a pair of fabulous earrings by this illustrious up-and-comer! Sario Hats are dreamed up at night, literally, her ideas come to her as she lay sleeping and when the sun rises, Sario gets to work crafting her nocturnal visions into tangible form.

Blanka Amezkua currently has her line of brightly-colored embroidered wall hangings on display around the store: street scenes from Mexican cartoons, rated R due to their saucy adult content. A group of battered women in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil called Donnaterra have a line of bags which are woven from old electrical wires and soda cans, who knew my old Pepsi would look so amazing brought back to life in the form of the ultimate weekend purse? A percentage of sales go back to their organization to keep these women out of harms way, and supporting good causes and charities is important to co-owners, Aaron Bond and Alex Gozman, who intentionally seek out designers set on giving back to society. A far cry from your typical 5th Avenue department store emporium, NY Artificial is an anomaly, managing to vacuum the dough right out of your wallet, but at the same time, alleviating any buyers remorse due to the notion that you’ve paid your altruistic dues for the week. With shopping habits like these, maybe you’ll be eligible for a tax break!

Artificial Intelligence
223 West 10th Street @ Bleecker

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