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By Razi Schwartz


Christo Fifth Avenue

Mes amis…welcome to the event of the month–at least so far (but I really think this is going to be difficult to beat). There are a few things in this world that are inarguably true: We love fighting a worthy cause, and we love doing it at an eventwothy…event. It would be ignorant to say that you have not been affected by someone with AIDS or HIV – we’ve all had someone we love been affected by the disease, and no matter the relationship, it makes us want to fight so hard – fight so that no one else needs to feel the pain again.

Well, now I deliver you an event at which you can fight the fight — but with fabulous bells on!

Please join Christo 5th Avenue and AWEsome Women (the Alliance for Women’s Equality) as they raise money to support AWE’s core programming and to launch new initiatives to raise public awareness about our country’s HIV/AIDS crises.

Mais, qu’est-ce que c’est this event, my beloved readers? DAMNIT WHY DON”T YOU TRUST ME????

Seven words: Nia Long (Third Watch), Melyssa Ford (BET TV), Olivia (G-Unit), and Baze Mpinja (Beauty Editor: Vibe Vixen Magazine) — Oh, I’m sorry, are you being techincal with my word count — PARENTHESES DON’T COUNT, SUCKA. Ha ha. My rules. When you get your own column, we’ll chat. November 7 — 1:00pm until 9:00pm — The EIGHT HOUR event will consist of celebrity hosts and guests enjoying a day of spa pampering, trunk show shopping, and silent auction with the proceeds going back to AWE. Guests will enjoy treatments like Hair Touch Ups from Christo, Make-up touch-ups from E.L.F Cosmetics, hand facials from Z. Bigatti, body fat analysis from Metabolic Makeover, and nutritional counseling from EC Wellness. Hi, I didn’t want to bring this up cause it’s an AWEsome cause and all, but … BODY FAT ANALYSIS???? ARE YOU NUTTY McNUTTY PANTS???? I love y’all, I do. But no one’s gonna be seeing my ass getting a body fat analysis. End quote.

Moving on: there will be donations and silent donations accepted at the event. All proceeds will benefit HIV/AIDS research. I may not know much, but I know this is a good cause. Unlike the “Please, Please I need a Marc Jacobs Handbag” cause. I do, but…I mean, priorities people, priorities.

Christo’s 5th Avenue: 574 Fifth Ave, Floor 5, RSVP: Amanda MacNaughton THINK PR (212.343.3920) [email protected]. Amanda rocks, but … if you don’t email her or call her pronto, I CANNOT guarantee you a spot at the event. I like to think of myself as a miracle worker, but alas, I am just a girl — a plain, simple girl.

Suggested donations at the event range from Big Mama Donation: $300; to Sweet Baby Donation: $150. All donations are welcome and appreciated. Or you could do the Holy Crap That’s An Awesome Donation and go above and beyond the $300 — I mean, seriously — that new pair of shoes, or….Think about it. Act. Do f-ing something. If I can, you can. Bring it on, biznatches.



Madame Clément Martini
3 oz. Clément Premire Canne White Rum
¼ oz Grenadine
2 oz. Pineapple Juice

Originally published November 2005



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