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By Jennifer Witt


It’s raining babies! I have never had to take cover from such a rampant season of showers (for which I might have to buy a larger umbrella). Friends near and far are announcing the arrival of their soon-to-come bundles of joy, and there is a plethora of pastel pink and powder blue note cards with registry information clogging up my mailbox. (I’ve come to grimace more when I see an envelope with a rubber duckie sticker than I do my monthly Visa statement.) Needless to say, I’ve ascended to platinum level credit status at Buy Buy Baby. They practically throw down the red carpet upon my entry, and just like Norm at Cheers, everyone there seems to know my name.

I’ve purchased every rattle, bib and breast pump known to womankind. I am single-handedly keeping the pacifier industry a lucrative business. And frankly, I have become an uninspired bearer of gifts, sometimes forgetting what I have purchased until the diaper bag with teddy bear pattern gets unwrapped by the exuberant mother-to-be.

Well, that all changed one day, when I discovered a website called Now, I am forever the belle of the baby shower ball with my luxurious gifts for little Connor and Dakota. Because cashmere is no longer for adults only anymore, you can now purchase deliciously soft pillows and blankets adorned with cute animal appliques to keep your tot warm and cozy and lookin’ sweet as a pea. Kinder-Cashmere has that made-in-Maine charm evident in their designs. Their barnyard prints, for example, look like they would best be sold at a farm-side stand en route to Portland next to the fresh blueberries and maple candy – it’s a perfect taste of the country for us city folk!

I might be considered a traitor by the mega baby emporiums that have come to rely on me to keep their stock prices soaring, but alas…my allegiance is towards a mom-and-pop shop like Kinder-Cashmere and to the superstores I bid “Buy Buy.”


Originally published May 2005



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