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By Jennifer Witt


I guess this week, I’ve gotta real passion for fashion…cause your own personal Joan Rivers here has spent more time walking the red-carpet streets of Manhattan and I’ve got this epiphany to share:

My love affair with the stiletto has ended. It’s been an abusive relationship I’ve endured for way too long. There have been too many incidences resulting in black and blue marks and sometimes, when it’s really bad, there’s even been bloodshed. Like Jennifer Lopez, in that bomb-of-a-movie, I’ve had “ENOUGH” and I’m walking away…

If you’re like me, when you think of flats, you think of dowdy shoes, made more for a suburban housewife, than your chic little self. Lucky for those of us who are filled with trepidation of over the transition, shoe companies are starting to feel our pain and even heel arbiters such Manolo and Laboutin have taken it down a notch. Forecast for Spring 2005? Keeping your feet planted on terra-firma in cute sandals, that don’t make you deliberate between fashion and function.

Speaking of function, when I was in Florida recently, spending a few days soaking up the rays of the Gulf Coast (purposely ignoring the warnings of my facialist, dermatologist and Vogue), I was privy to a new trend in footwear, slowly creeping its way up the eastern sea board, sure to hit hard, like the hurricanes of The Sunshine state do.

Everyone, I mean EVERYONE, including all your grandparents (cause I know most of them live down there) were wearing these rubberized clogs called Crocs. They were brilliant shades in all colors of the rainbow and most importantly, those lucky soles sporting these kicks were smiling. They were laughing. They were happy. As compared to my wincing, grimacing and moaning, after a Friday night out. I was jealous and I wanted a pair.

Little did I know, these Crocs (which in an adorable way, do resemble the feet of a certain pre-historic reptile) are made out of a space-age material that softens with your body heat and molds to your feet. Just like a 21st Century Birkenstock, but you don’t need to hang in Woodstock to wear em! I got a pair in lime green and they might need to be surgically removed from my feet. I felt it important to give them a proper road test and my Crocs passed with flying colors. I logged 5+ miles one afternoon without one blister to speak of…I felt like I was just getting warmed up. With a smart ventilation system, holes throughout made me feel like I had a little A/C when the power-walk was in full gear.

A cute girl dressed to kill and wearing orange Crocs passed me (in my green guys) by on the street and we gave each other a knowing glance, like we were part of a secret society. Now, you’re all invited to join too! Welcome to the world as it should be, free from shoe battery!


Originally published May 2005



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