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By Nicole Cornella

Let’s face it: going “green” is becoming more and more mainstream. If you’re not going “green” you’re living in the past. Now, everything in stores and plastered on television is in one way, shape or form eco-friendly, made of recycled goods or reduces your carbon footprint. And, although we, as consumers, may get caught up in the “eco-friendly” aspect of runway fashion trends and accessories, it is easy to forget how eco-conscious and energy efficient we can be with the flip of a switch.

Energy-efficient light bulbs have been on the market for quite some time now and just like hybrid cars, more and more are being introduced everyday, but The Ionic Bulb is quite different. Not only is it an energy-conserving bulb that uses a quarter of the wattage of standard bulbs, but it lasts up to ten times longer than incandescent bulbs, which is up to seven years. The real seller: it is equipped with a patented air purifying microchip ion-emitter that is powered by the bulbs own energy which silently emits negative ions that helps cleanse the air in your home of smoke, dust, pet dander, orders, allergens and airborne viruses.

One product that innovativley works in three different ways: eco-friendly, energy/cost efficient, purifying! Can’t beat it! For more information and to purchase visit

This USB rechargeable sleek, white bicycle headlight has 2 strong LED bulbs- The lens is cut to the sides, affording you critical side view as you approach intersections- You will be surprised at how ...
Brand: Bright IdeasMerchant: Walmart
>Aluminium flashlight >CREE 10 WATT >LED >Retractable light >Multi-function:100%light/50%light/30%light/rapid flash/ slow flash >one battery >charger >Net Weight:94G >Measur...
Brand: Bright IdeasMerchant: Walmart
1 watt bike headlight/flashlight with telescopic function- Zoom in and or zoom- Takes 3 AAA batteries, included-3 modes: Full brightness, low brightness, and flash- SKU: BRT142
Brand: Bright IdeasMerchant: Walmart
Originally published April 2010
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