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By Jared Shechtman


What do you mean you haven’t gone Father’s Day shopping yet? Are you mad?! Time is running out and Father’s Day is just a few little hours away (ok, a few days). And call me nutty, but I don’t think Dad is going to appreciate another wacky tie, his third personalized coffee mug, or anything else pulled off the discount rack (better known as your arse) on your way home to the family bbq. What to do, what to do?

Dads (as in ‘men’) have a tendency to get a little set in their ways as they get older, yet like all youngies, they still wish to be hip and cool. Which is what mom is for, to keep them with it as best she can, and to make sure they don’t leave the house looking… well…less than desirable (you know exactly what I’m talking about and please, for the love of God, pull those socks down below your calves!). These gifts I’ve dug up especially for you are the key to keep Dad on the cutting edge and too cool for golf school!

Odds are that Dad likes to golf, and despite his age, boys always like to flaunt their toys. The X1R is not only one of the most high tech golf caddies out there, it looks completely geeked-out too (in that dadish sorta way). The standard version is completely remote controlled from up to (approximately) 50 yards away. Running on a rechargeable battery, the X1R will last you from dawn till dusk on a single charge and features a lightweight, highly compact design for ease of transportation.

The Special Edition is available in custom colors, and with custom symbols (far more sane than that tattoo he’s been threatening to get for years). And might I recommend matching the vanity plate on Dad’s Porsche, just a suggestion he’s sure to love…

For More Information:
Price: $1,995

The Craftworks Refrigerator is the perfect addition to any Pop’s workshop. Stock it with Dad’s favorite brew (c’mon, you know why he sneaks down there every night at cocktail hour). The fridge looks just like a toolbox, with locking wheels and an interior designed to accommodate stacked cans, 2-liter bottles, and gallon jugs. I mean seriously, a beer fridge that masquerades as a toolbox is every faux gear head’s little fantasy.

For More Information:
Price: $299

What do you do when Dad’s been using the same old hair products since… forever… that weren’t even all that when they entered the market during the Regan era? Get him the latest from the other side of the pond and rock the Euro-savvy dad-do! Lock Stock & Barrel Grooming offers a full line of men’s hair care that’ll get him up to speed on the ever-changing products scene.

For More Information:
Price: $16.25 – $20.50

Stoke Dad up to wow all his friends with the latest and greatest in cell phone technology (hello, moto). The Motorola Q has more bells and whistles than the pimply IT guy’s handset. It sports a QWERTY keyboard, high-speed wireless broadband, Windows Mobile 5.0, Bluetooth, E-mail, and of course, it’s got a camera. And at only .45 inches thick, the Q is the thinnest smartphone on the market, and has a completely DOPE name (think 007, Inspector Gadget)!

Now available…only from Verizon Wireless.

For More Information:
Price: $199.99 (with rebate)

For The uber Health Conscious Dad – GENTS, LLC
Show Paw you want to keep him around for years to come by shopping at Gents, LLC, offering completely natural, men’s-only cosmetics, the perfect gift for the Dad who takes his skin’s health seriously. Recent legislation in California and Europe started a smart trend toward cosmetics which don’t contain (certain) products that could be potential carcinogens. In response, Gents sells only certified all natural products. Love ‘ya, Pop!

For More Information:

Jack Black grooming presents Shave in a Bag, a very simple and masculine product line designed to create the coveted perfect shave. Shave in a Bag comes in a very manly black flannel sack containing Face Buff, Beard Lube and Post Shave. When used together, these products make for one the best shaves imaginable. So Moms out there, go on and snuggle up with Dad without that wicked fear of the stubbly beard!

Price: $44.00
For More Information:
Also Available At: Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Sephora & Bloomingdales

Originally published June 2006



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