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By Susan Romero


Cynthia Rowley’s Fall 2008 fashion show was the essence of woodsy fantasy, with pop-up trees and models floating down the runway in diaphanous dresses decorated with fabric leaves and coats with fur collars. The hair and make-up by Avon was rooted in fairytale and formed the perfect base for the fashion.

Make-up artist Charlotte Tilbury said that the inspiration for the show was a fairytale book where the trees pop up and the models have a “very innocent, pretty, wide-eyed fairy look.” To create this look Tilbury used Avon pink and peach cheek color blended together to create a dewy cheek and clear lip gloss on the eyelids for a “magical dreamy look,” said Tilbury. Avon’s new Supershock Mascara topped off the lashes. The lips were stained with the same pink and peach hued cheek color for a matte, natural look.

The hair also had a natural, childlike style. Lead hair stylist Diego DiSilva and his team created fairytale fluffy hair like cotton candy. The models’ hair was back combed and teased but the crown was left straight and shiny. Later, the stylists combed the hair and sprayed it to reveal a voluminous cloud of hair that framed the models’ shoulders.

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The natural flowing hair complemented the billowing silhouettes that made up Rowley’s collection. The show included dresses with sheer flowing fabrics in earth tones with leaf motifs. Fabric cut leaves encircled necklines and covered dresses. Fluffy fur encircled the necklines of coats and blended seamlessly with the bouncing hair. For a moment the audience stepped into a fairytale that ended all too soon.

Originally published February 2008



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