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By Patricia Wersinger


Earth Day is just a few days away and the buzz is on with earth awareness events taking place from coast to coast. Last week, I attended a Green School Alliance event at Martin Luther King High School at Lincoln Center and learned how more and more schools are pledging to take up the challenge to “green” themselves. Students, teachers, administrators and parents discovered ways to reduce their impact on the environment and meet their school’s sustainability goals. You can join the Green School Alliance or learn how to support your local school’s green makeover at

At the Hyatt Hotel last Wednesday the third annual Green Products Media Event showcasing some of the best eco-friendly products on the market took place. It is always a mind-blowing journey to walk through the alleys of this show and be acquainted with all the green alternatives to about everything we use in our life. From food, soaps, utensils to furniture, wind energy and skincare, this market has solutions to green you and your life inside out!

I had an “ah ha” moment when I was shown a fruit nicknamed Soap Nut that can also be used as a laundry detergent! These fruits come from the Sapindus Mukorrosi tree and contain high concentration of foaming “saponin”. Developing countries seem to know better than we do. They have been using them forever for laundry. Just place 3 to 5 Soap Nut shells in a small muslin bag, tie it closed and throw it into the drum of your washing machine. All those trips to the supermarket to drag gallons of chemical detergent are now a thing of the past! Available at

Speaking of supermarkets, I often wondered why no one has ever designed a decent grocery bag to put an end to our mindless use and disposal of plastic bags. I am not crazy about these foam-life unchic reusable bags you find now in many places either. Good intentions but honestly… not pretty! Reisenthel, the award winning design German company has created the LoopShopper L, a stylish tote to help you green your grocery shopping. With its striking rounded aluminum handle and unusual wide shape this bag can stock up to 26 pounds of supplies. A cooling insulating padding allows you to keep all frozen items in check too. Use indiscriminately for all of your errands! The Reisenthel LoopShopper L is available at

April 22 is Earth Day. Get ready to kiss your mother! The days when green meant wading around in Birkenstocks are long gone! Green has become the heart of things that are classy, fashion inspired and avant-garde. It points to a path that we can follow to live in balance with the earth, whether we are looking to beautify ourselves, seeking new energy resources or simply searching for a saner way to live.

Originally published April 2011



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