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By Amber Roniger


Let’s have an egalitarian Father’s Day, shan’t we? Get caught up with the current century, ladies and gents, and face facts that in the not-so-distant past, men were ingenious enough to buy us womens washing machines for our birthdays and vacuum cleaners for Mother’s Day. And this smarmy practice ensued for generations with little revolt. Well Mr. Mom, it’s time for payback, femmy-style… oh yes it’s time. C’mon now… why not show him who’s really in charge of the purse strings? Train that man in your life for fatherhood with the chicest diaper bags and plushest baby snugglies for the whippersnappers for Father’s Day. And keep saving up to buy yourself that huge rock, girrrl, you know you deserve it. My point is thus: F’s Day is the perfect excuse to buy the honey-babies the cutest little-muffin gear, slap on a perfunctory Dad’s Day card (you vibing on my perfect scam?) and call it a Sunday. You know I’m all heavy into the kiddie cause now because of my new niece (bar none the biggest pumpkin that side of the Mississippi), so in celebration of both occasions, I found some of the most ‘dorable kids’ and hip mommy (eer, daddy) apparatus ever. Ladies, you know there’s nothing hotter than a fine papi strutting his stuff with his gorgeous kid on hand, all duded-out with all the latest young-ones accouterments.

First off, LIL’ DIVA ( makes these supremely stylie-mod diaper bags (as well as totes and clutches, but again, you see the baby obsession) that I’m sure every new daddy is just vying to get his gruff paws on (wink). You could straight-up swing by the go-go club with one of these flung ever so carelessly over your devil-may-care shoulder and be right in stride with the non-mommy (I mean, studly papa) crowd.

The three styles this season each elicit their own sleek kitschy vibe: Mod Groove, Miss Shopaholic and Retro Wave, available in two diaper bag sizes with matching roll-n-go changing pad, with room enough for a laptop. All bags are machine-washable, essential for easy care of the inevitable diaper yuckies.

So okay, enough hip fabulousness for one special little dad’s Sunday? Me thinks not! You must check out WALLCO JR.’s too-too baby outfits. I almost slaughtered myself at the wheels of an onrushing vehicle as I hurl myself across West Broadway (between Spring & Broome) to check out this amazing table of handmade baby-wares (insert cavelling here). Where I find Erin, seamstress extraordinaire, hand sewing felt animals onto onsies and baby tank tops for sale. Her designs have my mouth formed into a permanent ‘ooooooohhhhhh,’ every piece uniquely darling and completely coo-worthy. I rush to buy a froggie onsie for my niece, post haste.

I just have to know… does this chica sew every single adorable piece by hand? Holy crap, yes indeed; unbelievable and damn rare in this mass-produced day ‘n age. And so, where else ‘sides somewheres on West B-way might one buy her designs? Well since it’s pretty dern proprietary the only other spot is this super clutch store, SERIMONY, in Carroll Gardens ( I know, sooo far to BK, but trust me, it’s worth it) with really unique and beautifully handmade goods (and art exhibitions of local artists). Serimony also sells Erin’s stuffed animals and her loopy designs on their exclusive, supremely hip greeting card line. I know, menfolk, you just want to put it in your pocket and carry it around all day its so squidgy (yah, uh-huh).

So guys, forget the golf clubs you’re coveting, forego the luxury suite fantasies and focus in on being that lovable family guy this Sunday. You’ll be such the stud for whoopeeing over those darling diaper bags and onsies (even if you have to fake it a little). Whadd’ya think of them apples?

Serimony Invitations and Announcements
421 Court Street
Carroll Gardens, BK

Originally published June 2006



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