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By Tallulah Dumonde

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We love custom anything. We love anything jewelry. Of course we are ga-ga for custom jewelry! Femmegems is the place to find gorgeous bead strands from jade to turquoise, quartz to chalcedony…and mix and match them to fit your personal style. You decide whether your new baubles are opera length or choker. You choose accent beads and clasps. They make the piece right there, while you wait; then you’re off with a one-of-a-kind, or a ‘look-alike’ that resembles that great piece you saw Kate Winslet wearing on a recent InStyle cover. Whatever your choice, if you haven’t visited Femmegems, you haven’t lived! They have locations at Henri Bendel’s (712 5th Avenue) and in NoLita at 280 Mulberry St.

Unleash your inner jewelry designer, or indulge in some of their signature pieces. They even do private jewelry parties, so you can showcase your design talents in front of your friends. To book a party call 212.625.1611

If you decide to hit the NoLita location of Femmegems and you’re in the market for creative bridal, stop by VeKa. Bridal couture. Fashion forward is the atmosphere and individuality is the inspiration. Femininity run riot in gorgeous gowns that will set you apart from the typical meringue on your special day. The small and friendly staff is there to assist you in making a selection that best represents your personal style. After all, we can’t all expect to channel Audrey Hephburn on our wedding day. While we love Audrey, it’s your day and you’re the only star your guests are showing up to see.

For Appointments, call 212.925.9044 or email or visit

Heads up…March is their accessories sale month. Stop in for 50-75% off headpieces, veils, hairpins and…bride or not…TIARAS! Who doesn’t love wearing a tiara?

Swiss Miss
By Tallulah Dumonde

Forget hightailing it up the side of the Alps, girls. The Swiss Masai company offers Masai Barefoot Technology (mBT). Your very own stairmaster inside a pair of shoes. You’ve heard of the anti-cellulite sneakers, no doubt. If you haven’t tried a pair, you’re missing something amazing.

First of all, they come in sneakers, sandals and high-top boot styles…so none of that “sneakers don’t go with this” crap. When I got mine, I strapped them on and was immediately impressed with how comfortable they were. They feel a bit like a platform shoe within a sneaker, but who minds being another inch and a half taller? Not me.

Instantaneously I could feel my posture change. As advised, I practiced walking in them around my apartment, making sure I would avoid any surprises that would land me face-first on a Manhattan sidewalk. What impressed me was how natural it felt to be wearing them, so I headed out. I spent the better part of a Saturday in the shoes, not knowing if they were doing anything special or whether I was just on some sort of high (being taller than usual and wearing expensive footwear can sometimes give a girl a burst of energy).

The next morning I got my answer. The back of my calves felt taught and slightly tender, as if I’d been doing calf raises, and the rest of my backside followed suit. The shoes were definitely having an effect. Over the next few weeks I wore the shoes intermittently. One of the best things that has come out of having them (I think it’ll take a bit more time to notice any reduction in cellulite) is that my posture is much different when wearing the shoes and that carries over, little by little, to how I walk without them…or when wearing other shoes.

The design of the shoe is intended to utilize muscles that form your posture, while also increasing shock absorption on joints and discs (not as glam as anti-cellulite, but way more important to your long term health). The back and joints are strengthened and circulation is increased (this is the part that helps reduce the appearance of cellulite AND varicose veins).

Be good to your lower half and get yourself a pair of mBTs. You’ll be glad you did, and your legs will be singing their own “Yodel-leh-hee-hoooooooo”!

Available at or at any Bliss location.

Originally published March 2006


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