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By Andrea Toochin


If we had to choose one word to describe Victoria’s Secret’s products, we’d probably select sexy. The company name immediately conjures images of lacy lingerie. But the online site of this Limited subsidiary now offers consumers one-stop shopping with the recent launch of the VS Beauty Book. A collaboration with longtime make up artist and beauty consultant Vincent Longo, the new beauty site will help transition women from sexy to sensual.

What’s appealing about the store is that they’ve trusted an industry expert to help design it, thereby placing hands-on knowledge above market research. In the book, a handful of VS women model looks created by different make up artists, but despite the variations in color and style, they result is always sultry. Longo used rich colors when creating his look on Karolina Kurkova, which was inspired by Italy’s Monica Vitti, a starlet from the 70s; bronze and peach blush tones complement the wearable blue smoky eye but a deep berry red lipstick completes the look, which is both delicate and dramatic.



But what to do if you haven’t a cosmetic guru at your disposal? Well, the beauty of this new store is not the mere fact that you can shop for makeup while downloading files or watching TV, it’s the foolproof setup. The site allows you to imitate every look featured because the products are available in a package – buy one eye shadow or all the products used, they both involve just one click of the mouse.



In addition to the ease, they’ve also compiled an incredible selection of products from SuperSmile toothpaste and Mentha Lip Shine, a lip balm and breath mint in one, to Aura Science Disappear, a product with the acne-fighting underdog, sulfur. But the most incredible characteristic is that their selection yielded an array of products with the most beautiful packaging. Here are a few of our favorites: C.O. Bigelow mouthwash is a pomegranate-color liquid that would beautify any medicine cabinet; the fruity-spicy Yves Saint Laurent Baby Doll fragrance comes in a glam, baby pink bottle; Aura Science’s Silk Brown is a reflective gloss that works on all skin tones; and so as not to disappoint, a winner from their own label, the must-have Victoria’s Secret Mosaic Luminous Blush.

Originally published September 2005



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