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By Amber Roniger

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I know, the mere mention of chocolate and you just want to mound and devour it. You ‘n me both sister. My foremost premise in life is the belief that all breathing womens everywhere unanimously view chocolate as the sexiest insentient object in existence. Agreed? Well BOBBI BROWN has maliciously played upon our greatest collective weaknesses by combining two great obsessions into one pert little goddess parcel: CHOCOLATE + Makeup = Nirvana (namaste). Heiffer, you read that right, chocolate fall makeup line…. c-h-o-c-o-l-a-t-e. I know… collective drool.

Break it down for me fellas: Bobbi B. is first and foremost the quintessential makeup artist. She often makes special appearances with her Beauty Team at events around town. Last week at Barney’s, B2 helped customers brush-up on their makeup savvy by guiding them through her signature tips and techniques. Afterward, the Beauty Team gave personalized makeup lessons for beauty ‘tards like me, whose one makeup lesson as a lass was barked by the dance teacher before a performance, “More pancake – and if your crow’s-feet don’t look like a street walker’s you’re not wearing enough!” An ironic makeup education at best.

And the true-to-my-heart breakthrough of next season (read: important) is the “BEAUTY BAR” an actual beautifying chocolate bar created with VOSGES HAUT CHOCOLAT. Is this chocolate malarkey, you gasp?

Beauty Bar is the ultimate antioxidant choco-munchie (halleluiah, all prayers answered!), dark (yes, dark baby) milk chocolate bar with Macha green tea. I defy all you’all (yah you, Jamba giant) to create a more appealing combo of any two objects on the planet. And I have no shame in admitting that despite very carefully etched-out instructions on the label urging one to suck and savor the chocolate, I (with the ‘aid’ of an oh-so-unhelpful friend), scarfed down the entire colossus Beauty Bar in mere minutes. We really were gluttons. Cause hey, girls just wanna antioxidize, they just wanna…

If it seems like Bobbi Brown is everywhere at once, it’s because Bobbi Brown is everywhere at once. Be on the lookout for all these savory up-and-comers: her GOLD COLLECTION; PINK BOUQUET SHIMMER lip-gloss (in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month); expansion of the BEACH COLLECTION; and sure-to-be bestselling guide to aging gracefully, “Living Beauty.” Bobbi advocates for DRESS FOR SUCCESS, helping empower underprivileged young girls and women by teaching them how to prepare for job interviews; and JANE ADDAMS VOCATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL LYFE PROGRAM, providing an array of comprehensive social services so young parents can stay in high school. Be a lovely reader will you, and stay closely tuned to the BeautyNews channel for every luscious morsel and chocolately detail on Bobbi Brown’s full Fall 2006 Chocolate Collection, the créme de la créme, tried to lick-it-up it smelled so yuuuummm, makeup goodies hitting select counters this Fall 2006.

By Alisa Leonard

Hey ladies, check, check this out…top tier celeb makeup artist Orion Willis divulging his celebrity beauty secrets with the hottest 2006 cosmetic lines. No, not selling his secrets to the highest bidder on E-Bay. Uh where/when then…what gives with the suspense? Well I’ll tell ya…at a splendiferous evening with celeb beauty experts (can I have Jen’s hair and Angelina’s lips?), style mavens (I only wear couture, thank you very much), lux cosmetics (for you to love and play with), models (for you to love and… never mind), and even a chance to win a date with Ryan Smith from the Bachelorette. Hmmm, sounds swanky, more info please. Okay, chicas, here it is… time to get seriously beautiful…what say you? Um, yes please, duh! So let’s hear it for the girls…the NEW YORK GIRLS STYLE & BEAUTY CAMPAIGN, that is. Founder, Caroline Rodehau, and fabu sponsors Nikki Beach, Sephora SoHo, Peroni Italy and MPNEWS, have banded together to bring experts, the latest style trends and cosmetics to you in an ‘outside the boxy’ sweet little event. Seriously, this could quite possibly be the best girls’ night out ever; consider the run-down….delicious cosmetics, expert advice, beautiful people (i.e., hunky Ryan Smith), beautiful place (can you say, beds in the bar?!) and wait…did I mention fab prizes?

So where, pray tell, is this night of bliss to be? The jet-set crowd’s NYC destination, Nikki Beach in midtown of course, will be playing host to this all-out glam fest on Wednesday, June 28th from 7-11pm. Gorgeous top model Mariana Coronil will be the event’s spokesperson and just about any and all fashionistas, would-be fashionistas and baby fashionistas will be sorely bummed to miss it…I presume nothing less than tres fantastique, to be quite sure. Come on and learn how to get glam, have some fun, and bring your pack of hungry-for-beauty gal pals to this fete-du-jour that will be…beyond your usual little over-the-makeup counter makeover.

New York Girls Style & Beauty Campaign
Nikki Beach Club
151 East 50th Street
7-11:00pm on Tuesday, June 28th

By Lauren Baccus

“I’m bored!” These words out of the mouth of an unfortunate eight year-old babe left in my charge, emotionally scarred by his first encounter with a Victoria’s Secret’s Semi-Annual frenzy. In retrospect… my bad! But for the rest of you, for shame… there’s way too much going on in the gritty city to be bored. I made a summer’s resolution to dedicate more leisure hours to cultural events. And there’s an abundance of special summer programs (aaaaaaah summer) to further enhance the glory of it all going on at LINCOLN CENTER, offering a wonderfully overwhelming array of artistic riches for peoples of all ages and sizes. As an aside mis amigas, lest we forget how spoiled we are here in the NYC, I might remind you that Lincoln Center is the world’s largest performing arts center. All the top brass, the mondo cajones come here to play. It’s home to 12 of NYC’s (nay, the world’s) most illustrious arts programs including: Jazz at Lincoln Center (lead by Mr. Man, Wynton Marsalis), The New York City Opera (eat your heart out Pavarotti) and Ballet (right on point), and The New York Philharmonic (need I say more?). I commit myself to some seriously intensive online research, attempting to get somewhat (of a semblance) of a grip on the dizzying list of intriguing events on Lincoln Center’s summer roster.

It seems the perfect time to get acquainted with Lincoln Center: the 2006 season marks the 40th anniversary of the wildly popular Mostly Mozart Festival, a whimsical celebration of classical music (and happy pockets: the festival is free). Also, some very contemporary and original programs for those less (ahem) enthusiastic about classical music (which is fine, breathe), including: Afro-Peruvian dancing & music, and fiddling from around the world (hoopa!). On my personal to-do (served with a dirty-filthy martini): The Dirty Dozen Brass Band àƒÆ’à¢â‚¬Å¡àƒâ€šà‚­ music to capture the spirit of New Orleans, and Universal Jazz Coalition’s Tap Challenge (o-yah, a tap-off).

There’s always something new at the center, like the Center’s hour-long, guided tours. And just for the kiddies, The American Ballet Theatre offers a one-hour introduction to ballet (ages 4-12) in a series of completely bite-sized and engaging snippets for more “agile” little minds (and kick and plie).

Outdoor lovers must chill this summer with LC’s Out of Doors series of free concerts by The New York Philharmonic and Metropolitan Opera, offered throughout the boroughs and even NJ (pack lots of bug spray, mosquitoes absolutely love Puccini). Other must-sees include: the Lula Washington Dance Theatre of Los Angeles, Caribbean Culture Day and a series of Hawaiian songs and stories from the composer of Lilo and Stitch, all up-coming in August.

So just to recap, the deal is if you’re bored this glorious summer in NYC, you’re just not trying hard enough (read: lame!). And don’t you dare let me hear you whining, “I’m bored!” If you know what’s good for you, you’ll get out there and strap some culture on. That’s how we do.

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Originally published June 2006

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