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By Eudie Pak


What do Acqua di Parma, Kol Design, Jane Iredale, DL & Co, La Roche Posay, Embryolisse, Frederic Fekkai, and Agraria have in common? Well, they’re just a few of the couple hundred luxury brands that make The New London Pharmacy in Chelsea oh so fabuloso. And for all you organic lovers, New London also has an organic pharmacy which comprises alternative health medicines, skincare and beauty products…so here’s the DL on why you should be clicking your high heels and your sophisticated buns out there.

Who you’ll find: aside from spotting models, make-up artists, and a few celebs fluttering about, this place attracts the discriminating customer with exquisite taste – ya know, the kind of Cheri who knows how to be a Knotty Girl with her Sacred Locks and be coy with Jack Black and Dr. Hauschka with her GoSmile – if you know what I mean (wink wink).

And check it, if any of you guys are reading this and just happen to be ‘too sexy for your shirt,’ I heard from a friendly bird (thanks for the tip, Wesley!) that ‘all of Chelsea’ sashays here on the weekends. (This is totally an aside, but I just needed to digress to help some of my boys out.)

Why you’ll like it here: Abby Fazio, co-owner of the New London Pharmacy, had this to say about her products: “I don’t want the universe. I want the best.” A pharmacist and beauty expert who travels to Europe six times a year, Abby visits pharmacies in Germany, Greece, London, and Paris to scout out the most exotic and advanced beauty and health products that are hard to find here. (I personally was jazzed about the fact she’s made available products like Vichy and Anthelios XL, which carry face lotions that contain Mexoryl, the most powerful and photo-stable sun blocker that has yet to be mass marketed in the U.S. – Whew! Was that a run-on sentence?)

Besides the amazing stock of European brands donning the shelves, the customer service is magnifique! Most of New London’s loyal staff have been with the store for 15, 20, to 30 some odd years – and that says a lot about the quality of its business. Another thing you’ll dig is that New London is the only pharmacy that has a full-time nutritionist on staff and a counseling room for clients who’d prefer to discuss their health needs behind closed doors.

But if you’re not there to buy your Flintstone’s Vitamins, then you can take advantage of the make-up artist on site to beautify your canvas or the fragrance specialist to cater to your olfactory glands.

And for those of you who want recommendations, you’re at the right place: most of the employees are personally familiar with the products here and can tell you what’s worth pulling out that Visa for.

What to do next: need I say more? Just do it, girlfriend. Work it. Own it. Go! If you’re in the neighborhood, the address is 246 Eighth Avenue between 22nd and 23rd St. If you’re having a bad hair day, surf over to

Originally published February 2007



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6 Responses to “I Feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty – Euro beauty at its finest”


Great article! I love that store and now they carry the ultra chic, skin care from Germany called Julisis with essences of gold, silver and diamond, a homeopathic skincare that works so well. I work in the scientific field and know what I am talking about. I am glad that Abby found that fab line during her trips to Europe.

Dr. Daniela Peterson

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Jai Says:

Wow! This sounds like a great store. They have everthing I love under one roof. Usually I have to shop online or go from store. I used to go to Bigelow but that place has really changed. Does anyon know what makeup lines NewLondon carries? I can’t wait to get there on my next shopping trip to NYC!


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bart Says:

I just wanted to say the part about all the chelsea hotties being there on weekends is true. Seriously boys, you should check it out.

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Jeff Says:

I was in the store on Valentines day looking for a perfume for my girlfriend. It was last minute and I was very stressed. Two young ladies named Cindy and Jesse helped me for 45 minutes. They were nice and knew everything and seemed really happy to help me. This would never have happened at Barney’s or Bergdorf where everyone is on commission or very snotty. I only spent $45 on that visit, but they now have a customer for life.

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H. Kearns Says:

I am VP of customer service at a financial institution here in New York. I read your article, and I read all the readers comments, so I decided to visit The New London Pharmacy on Tuesday, Feb 27. I was mostly impressed by the store. I have lived on the upper east side for many years, and I must say that shopping at New London is a much different experience than shopping uptown at Zitomers or Boyd’s. The store, the attitude, and the selection is younger, much more chic, and more casual. The integration between cosmetics and pharmacy is seamless. Very downtown. The sales associates assume a familiarity with the customers that might put some people off, but I found it refreshing. It is obvious that the staff enjoys their work and each other. It was a bit difficult to find where everything was at times (not much signage), but the store was very clean and well lit, and the staff extremely helpful-at one point, I had three people looking for an item for me (they found it). The store has so many product lines that it can be bit overwhelming. Maybe the selections could be better edited. That being said, where else in New York can you find such a wide range of inventory under one roof? They have many products that I have never even heard of, and the staff seemed to know the products very well(I asked a lot of questions) I did not expect to see the owner, Abby Fazio at the store, but she was on the sales floor helping customers as well. I had planned to stay in New London less than 15 minutes,and I ended up being there for the better part of an hour. I missed my movie, but it was well worth it. This is one of the best stores in the city. Highly recommended.

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eye4style Says:

New London is seriously addictive…one of the best spots in the city for beauty shopping!

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