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  • Dogs playing in the park, chasing balls, chasing each other, and wagging their tails make us smile. However, it’s inconceivable that any sane person can watch dogs hurting each other and consider it entertainment. Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick has been indicted on federal charges for participating in the dreadful pursuit of dog fighting. He <... >

  • kids.jpg
  • We’ve all been there. The tearful goodbye, staring at the phone hoping it will ring, the angst of temptation to send a meaningful text, long lonely walks in the rain filled with heart-wrenching reflections upon the blissful times when the two of you were together and all was right in the universe. Then something happens <... >

  • splash_caravan_b.jpg
  • With summer well under way and temperatures continuing to climb relentlessly, leaving even the most determined fashionista looking and feeling somewhat frazzled, many New Yorkers begin to long for the well-deserved serenity that is vacation. Ahh, vacation. Yes, there are some that feel no hesitation at rushing off to the nearest travel agency to book <... >

  • hints-on-etiquette.jpg
  • We started off our manners series politely explaining how much calmer, less stressful, and over-all more enjoyable our lives would be with a little dose of manners. But being the Americans we are, you shouldn’t be surprised that the politeness is over. We’re getting down and dirty and throwing it all out there and with <... >

  • modelesquedivadesignergottexpictureandsuitonpilarbeachwearwebsite.jpg
  • You’ve undergone the necessary summer rituals (or tortures for some) of waxing, polishing and tanning. Now it’s time to show off your beautiful body wearing the right swimsuit. You’re saying, “How do I choose? Color? Style? Designer?” The answer is “Do it by personality.” The ‘Model-esque Diva’ Diva attitude, check. Ego the size of New <... >

  • amer.jpg
  • We live in a world obsessed with hair. At any given moment, a television commercial with a model’s long luxurious locks being tossed about will sell the newest shampoo. Women now pay $50 to have their hair washed and “blown-out.” We’re a nation where the color of your hair can determine the content of your <... >

  • lower-eastside-pic-1.jpg
  • As the dog days set in, we’ll do almost anything within our power to cool down our body temperature and wrest back control of our melting senses. At times the summer air’s simply too chaotic for words, we just need to run for cover. But all hope is not lost – common sense (and science) <... >

  • hbrack_shoe_c.jpg
  •   Ah, summer. A time for sandals and floral print sundresses, the smell of SPF 15, and fruity tropical drinks to make even the brokest gal on the block feel like she’s on vacation. Launching summer in July was Hanger‘s intent. Mine was to get there. Hanger succeeded. Me? Barely. I should’ve known I was <... >

  • ca3agjvd_c
  • I grew up in the 80’s – a decade of carelessness, power-suits and overindulgence. A time when only tree-huggers recycled and being “green” was not yet trendy. These days everything’s gone green, hotels, spas, cars, Leo, Julia and the list goes on. But the fashion industry? Who would have imagined? Stella started down the runway <... >

  • libertine1_b.jpg
  • Who wouldn’t want to look like the stars? Why wouldn’t someone grab the chance to dress in the latest and stylish designer clothing? Well, when a shirt is the same price as your months rent, passing it up isn’t that hard. But, finally we can give into fashion temptation! The latest trend has been for <... >

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