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By P.J. Gach


I was walking down the street yesterday, minding my own business, when I noticed a man unloading pink Vespas from a truck. I stopped so fast, that three people bumped into me (don’t try this at home). I was transfixed and didn’t mind that I had accidentally done a 360 on the sidewalk. PINK! Beauteous pink Vespas sitting there on the sidewalk, looking so cool, so pretty, so spring. For one brief second I forgot I was freezing.

It was exactly this color, but not this Vespa. The one in the picture is in a warm town, and I’m here in New York City – a non-tropical place.

I do have great news for you; tax-free week is once again upon us. From January 31- February 6, all clothing and footwear priced under $110 per item is tax-free. Now that’s something to smile about.

If you can’t wait until the 31st to buy shoes, wander on over to [url=][/url], Brooks, Saucony, and Adidas running shoes are on sale.

I have something else that might put you in a good mood-T.S. I. Playtime Series present: HA! DONCHAGETIT!!! A play about stand up comedians. Included in the cast are Clyde Jackson, Carol Brooks, Zay, and more. The play is written and directed by Ray Payton.

What: Ha! DONCHAGETIT!!! – A comedy about comedians
When: January 22 & January 23, 5 PM
Where: T.S.I., 750 8th Avenue, (between 46th & 47th Streets), Suite 200, 2nd floor
Reservations: 212-719-0500
Cost $15.00

Valentine’s Day is getting closer. I noticed candy hearts, chocolate boxes wrapped in pink, lovers dice and other reminders of the holiday in the stores recently.

If you’re gearing up for VDay, or just want a nice present for yourself, take a look at these charming necklaces from Esposito Jewelry.

Either necklace would be a great birthday or Valentine’s Day present (hint, hint). The organza ribbon gives the necklaces a great romantic springtime feel. You’ll be able to wear them through al four seasons. The pendants are sterling silver with CZ accents.

When you do visit their website, [url=][/url], you’ll see jewelry that has a light, air feel about it. The company is family owned and was founded in 1910. Joseph Esposito is fourth generation jeweler and head of the firm, which is based in Rhode Island.

The jewelry offered on the website is sterling silver, 14K gold, sterling silver and gold, and cubic zirconium. There’s free shipping on almost every item and the jewelry is reasonably priced

The problem with the website is once you start browsing, you’ll find it hard to stop. They’ve got some great earrings for day and a few pairs that would look great at night with either your hair up, or you could wear your hair loose and let the sparkle wink through your locks.

Do you know anyone who’s not on a diet? No, I’m not making a joke, but it does seem that almost everyone I know is on Atkins, The Zone, South Beach or other diet. Me? I’m hypoglycemic, this means I can only look at chocolate and wave longingly at cakes.

It’s really hard to navigate through all the aisles, bins and boxes of diet food and find something that actually tastes good to eat.

Helen Brand and Eric Robespierre know our pain. Helen is a personal trainer and diet coach. She’s been helping clients become their best for over twenty years. Helen overcame childhood obesity and understands what it’s like to have that ravening hunger make you slightly crazed until you’ve eaten your third jar of something or other – my childhood weakness – pickles, just don’t ask okay?

Eric Robespierre has an extensive background in advertising. Among the accounts he’s worked on are Danskin, Bordens, Izod Lacoste and the Yankees. And like most of us, was a bit overweight.

The two met on a plane. One in-flight conversation led to two of them to create a guide for everyone who is going through diet pains.

Their book, The Yummy Hunter’s Guide: The best-Tasting, Low-Calorie Foods and Where to Shop For Them, tells you what tastes great, what to stay away from, and all are dietetic and healthy foods. Not only did they contribute, but also they got opinions from battle weary dieters who refused to just eat hay anymore. This is a guidebook for eating healthy and enjoying your food at the same time. If you’ve ever dieted, you know what I mean when I say that’s hard to do. You can purchase the book at their website or by calling 1-888-296-3913. To find out where their next personal appearance will be, please go to [url=][/url]

Originally published January 2005



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