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By Linda Przygodski



Grom, 2165 Broadway

Whether you order a cup or a cone, your taste buds will perk up with delight when you spoon it up at Grom.

Overseen by Luigi Ferraris, a true gelato expert, Grom is all about quality in true, Italian-style. The flavors are more subtle than other gelatos and are a pure combination of milk, cream and sugar.

So six bucks for a medium cone might sound a bit pricey, but take it from me, the taste of this delectable treat overcompensates for that. As the warm weather turns to hot, the lines of folks and screaming, sugar-obsessed kids are going to be a testament that this place is the real thing.

Burgers and Cupcakes, 265 West 23rd Street


There is something simplistic and comforting about a restaurant that offers just two things: burgers and cupcakes.

Yep, that’s it. And I love it.

The burgers are summertime in a basket. Fat, juicy, messy and accompanied by perfectly crispy fries. Burger toppings range from the traditional to the far fetched. Bacon, cranberry sauce, Portabella mushrooms, pizza sauce – you name it – you can put it on your burger.

Leave room for the cupcakes which are moist and delectable. Cupcakes come in as many varieties as the burger toppings with some unusual options such as Blueberry and Carrot. The standard vanilla, chocolate, lemon and red velvet are all also available. The only thing left to do is to order an ice cold glass of milk!

’72nd Street West Junk Zone’ (Gray’s Papaya, Cold Stone Creamery, 72nd Street between Broadway and Columbus)


While my summer may be spent with protein and sweets over at Burgers and Cupcakes, nothing spells summer more than hot dogs and ice cream for most of the general population. No, I haven’t been able to find one location that does both treats with luscious abandon, but I have found the corner and cross street that meet the craving.

West 72nd Street between Columbus and Broadway. Cruise into Gray’s Papaya for THE best hot dog in the city/ and when you’re done wolfing done three or four of these cheap treats, head a couple of doors down to Cold Stone Creamery.

Sure, it’s a chain. And New Yorker’s hate chains but Phooey. This is some serious stuff so you can’t complain! You know the drill: pick a flavor and then pick from a slew of cake, candy and treats to have their ice cream masters mash into your dessert. Me? Clearly, it’s cake batter ice cream with a Snickers and Heath bar mashed up in it.

(Excuse me now while I go run on the treadmill for like 4 hours!)

But it sure is worth it every time….Heath Bars…..yummy.

Originally published May 2007



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