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By Jennifer Witt


Of all the five senses, I think I am most scintillated by that of smell. Walking up to my apartment at the end of the day, I can oftentimes identify what the gourmands in unit 3F are cooking for dinner (tonight: rosemary pork chops with wild rice and haricot verts) or what flavor incense my hippie neighbor in 1R is burning (he has a proclivity for China Rain). My ex-boyfriend always smelled like clean laundry and to this day, if that isn’t a defining characteristic on clothes of the current guy I’m dating, he’s history! This keen olfactory sense has its drawbacks: anything unpleasant, gets magnified by this discriminating sniffer, but mostly, it enjoys a life filled with sweet smells, care of luxuriously fragranced household amenities like delicious candles and heaven-sent body creams by Tocca.

I first fell in love with Tocca for their whimsical dresses, as femme as they come, adorned with lace, sparkle and appliques, in all the right places. But to complement the girly-girl clothes, a complete bath line was introduced and I will forever turn heads (ok noses) when I walk into a room! Intoxicating, sensual, romantic, Tocca draws inspiration from far-off places like the rolling hills of Tuscany in their Sofia and Marcello Cucina collection (Bid your current dish washing soap “arrivaderci” as you become allegiant to Sapone da Piatti, their version of Joy). And for anyone who fantasizes of sexy Cuban nights salsa dancing with a tall, dark and handsome stranger, light a Havana candle…mix yourself a Mojito, you’ll be instantly transported – promise! For a wearable aphrodisiac that will score points from the boyfriend and free drinks from the bartender, surrender yourself to the powerfully seductive Crema da Sogno body cream…my instructions: slather on generously and get ready to invoke some serious animal magnetism. Hey, there’s even one for the boys, 007, with a scent said to be based on the combination of the interior of an Aston Martin and a dry martini, in complete Bond-esque fashion (have some fun and tell him he’s your favorite special agent, wink wink). Tocca candles and body products are meant to be displayed and fawned over with their rich and elegant packaging, but the most important message is unveiled cryptically inside the lid: “Love Yourself,” and that is the meaning of La Vita Bella!

Originally published April 2005



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