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By Gillian Weeks

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Do you have a delicate constitution? Are you satisfied by a radicchio leaf and a radish rose? If so, Time Out New York’s 2006 Eat Out extravaganza is not for you. This event brings together 40 of the city’s top restaurants, including Modern, wd-50, and Nobu 57, for less than the price of eating at one. Ongoing aperitifs will be provided by Chopin vodka, Stella Artois, Beaujolais, and San Benedetto, and attendees will take home a free copy of the 2007 Time Out New York Eating & Drinking guide.

Get your taste buds in gear and cleanse your palate ­this is gonna be a night of gastronomic glory. For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit

Vintage Accessories: Why Granny’s Got It Goin’ On
By Gillian Weeks

If there’s something we can learn from the Gap’s new Audrey Hepburn advertising campaign, it’s that the Funny Face generation had style. At times it seems like we modern fashionistas are just reinventing the wheel. Sure, we’ve made some valuable contributions, such as universally flattering boot cut jeans, gel insoles, and non-aerosol hairspray. But for the most part we find our inspiration in the innovation of an older generation. Why not quit reinterpreting the miniskirt and simply dip into the vintage fashion well? Here are a few local shops that bring back the glamour of yore.

Linda Derector, 211 Mott Street (between Prince and Spring)

In the world of facial bling, which includes gold teeth, nose rings, and colored contacts, Linda Derector’s sexy shades are by far the most tasteful. Her small Nolita shop carries vintage sunglasses and frames that all have something special to offer. Brighten up a gloomy visage with rhinestone aviators, or affect an air of mystery with a pair of tortoise shell cat eyes. The styles range from Elton John to Jackie O, so you’re guaranteed to find something that suits your look.

Clutch! Vintage Purses, 219 Mott Street (between Prince and Spring)

Just a few doors down from Linda Derector you’ll find something worth holding onto. Clutch offers refurbished vintage purses of any shape, size, and leather impersonation. You might pick up a dainty wristlet or a hulking tote that looks like a hairball coughed up by Betsy Johnson. At Clutch, the point is not to match the bag to the shoes, but rather to find a creative centerpiece – something that says, “I could have gone with Kate Spade, but there aren’t enough feathers in my wardrobe.”

The Hat Shop, 120 Thompson Street (between Prince and Spring)

Further west you’ll find the aptly named The Hat Shop, which gives old-fashioned millineries a cheeky spin. A person could spend hours playing dress up in the whimsical chapeaus that are perched throughout the room. While many of the products are best worn to tea with Lewis Carroll, many are also chic accents that lend a unique character to today’s trends. Sample from the rainbow of berets or pair a snazzy fedora with your typical club attire. These days hats aren’t just for the Kentucky Derby.

The Big Kiss Up
By Lauren Baccus

Putting on my make-up this morning, I ran down a list of things that I absolutely had to do this week (many of which I absolutely HAD to do the week before). As I applied my mascara, my mind wandered off to a conversation that I had had with, quite possibly, the most annoying co-worker in human existence. By the time I reached for the lipstick, I was enjoying a particularly vivid vanilla soy frappuccino and almond biscotti fantasy (it’s the breakfast of champions). Considering how low maintenance and speedy my entire make-up routine is, the range of topics I covered mentally, hunched over the bathroom sink, was really quite impressive.

Hardly ever do I stop to consider my make-up itself. Maybe if I did, I would wonder about all the other women in the city, simultaneously craned towards the best possible light/mirror combination, applying their face in preparation for the day. Maybe I would also stop to consider the women and girls around the world who may not have the means to buy the powders, perfumes, and paints that many of us couldn’t imagine life without. The women who make less money for the same amount of work that men do. The women who are victims of rape, abuse, sexual harassment, genital mutilation and sexual slavery. As we lean into the mirror to get a better look at ourselves, don’t we see these women staring right back at us?

Jody R. Weiss, founder of PeaceKeeper Cause-Metics, believes that even in the simple act of applying our lipstick each morning lies the potential to impact women around the globe. Since it’s inception in 2002, PeaceKeeper has joined forces with organizations such as Amnesty International, UNIFEM, New York Women’s Foundation and many more, to be the first beauty company in history to donate all of its profits, after taxes, to women’s health and human rights advocacy issues. For Weiss, the line of lip paints, lip glosses and nail paints provide a vital component in the bridge between women in this land of plenty, and women without the basic necessities of life. When we reprioritize where we allow our dollars to go, we empower ourselves as consumers and, through companies such as PeaceKeeper, we empower other women in the process.

Having just launched their latest endeavor, PeaceKeeper’s Million Kisses Campaign, Weiss is working harder than ever to make sure the word about her organization is on everyone’s lips. Kicking off with the PeaceKeeper Kissing Festival this past weekend, the campaign focuses on bringing attention and support to women and girls who have left sexually exploitive situations. In attendance was comedian Ana Gasteyer who lent her kisses and $1 donation to the cause. Supporters of the campaign also include Daryl Hannah, Bonnie Raitt, and Julia Ormond, each of whom have puckered up with PeaceKeeper’s all natural (and Whole Foods approved) Lip Paints.

It isn’t too late, however, to get your own personal smooch fest on with some of the line’s delicious colors. The “Kiss Canvas” is available online at or inside of any PeaceKeeper Lip Paint. Your personal lip signature is then uploaded into the Kiss Museum on the PeaceKeeper website as testament to the power of a good old-fashioned kiss.

And you thought they were just for frogs!

For more information and participating retailers, visit

Originally published October 2006

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