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By Jennifer Witt


I’m a Cali girl and proud of my west coast roots. People from the Golden State just have a certain je ne sais quoi (or are those Parisians? Whatever.) and rarely have I crossed paths with a fellow Californian that I didn’t like. While I’ve adapted well to my current life in the Big Apple, I still have a hard time referring to a “hike” as a subway trip to midtown and unfortunately, “dining al fresco” has now turned into takeout seven nights a week. Much like the Beach Boys, I spend a lot of the winter California Dreamin but in NYC’s defense, it’s a great place to live. AND if I use my imagination, I can spend a rewardingly sunny day at Long Beach and pretend I’m in Malibu. Maybe this summer, I’ll even learn to surf.

Speaking of surfing, I was doing just that on the internet the other day when I discovered a line of amazing necklaces that pay homage to those of us transplanted here from our native state.

Aptly termed the California Necklace, the 14-carat gold cutout of the state pinpoints your exact coordinates with a diamond, so there’s no confusing the Valley Girls of the South and the Granolas up North. With a design this radical, even those from the other 49 states might be inclined to show some California Love and represent with Governor Schwarzenegger. Maya Brenner even has a bi-coastal necklace with the same Cali silhouette plus an Apple symbol, a perfect union of two of the best places to live in America. Brilliant, no wonder she won the Rising Star award for jewelry design from Fashion Group International.

Charms are old news, lockets are cliched, this is your new pendant to wear with pride…sorry Idaho, your version is still in the works…

Originally published April 2005



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