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By Razi Schwartz

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Another week, another City Pulse – hooray! …oh, thank you, thank you… Yes, thank you, now shut up, I seriously don’t have all day.


For today’s Tuesday City Pulse I bring you two websites where you can spend lots of money. I happen to LOVE both of these sites, and I LOVE the stuff you can buy on these sites even more. I don’t know which one to start with…hmmm…eenie, meenie, miney, mo – I’ll start with….you.

Who? Two? Or one, or three, or even eight if you’re feeling crazy. You may have heard of this faboo designer Alex Woo – who? Woo, yes Woo. She’s that spiffy gal who “does the number necklaces.” You know – all those celebrifollowers sporting random numbers resting on their fake boobs or hanging gauntly against their “PLEASE EAT SOMETHING” chests.

I would like to say that I’M OBSESSED with these, and I’m just trying to decide which ones I want before I buy buy buy. Do I want my favorite number (3, in case you’re wondering). Do I want my birthday? My wedding anniversary? Random numbers so I seem deep even though I’m just quirky and a little on the odd side of normal?

Alex goes above and beyond just numbers, even though the numbers are SO SUPER AWESOME. She’s got a whole collection of rings, bracelets, necklaces…earrings, even. A very personal super fave is the pink ribbon ring inscribed with “live. love. be involved.” Not going to lie, I got a little choked up when I saw this ring. I think it’s that beautiful – AND net proceeds go to the American Cancer Society. Alex is devoted to fighting cancer, and I dig that about her.

So, I’ve told you how I feel about Woo…now who? Well, it’s a new online boutique and…shhhhh….it’s a little dirty. Like, sexy dirty. Like, it’s called They’ve got some keeeeeeeeeooooooooot lingerie – Cosabella thongs and Underglam, to be specific. Uh, hi, can we say “press perks,” because I’d like the little nighty number and Hawaiian print boyshort displayed in the attached photos.

They’ve got an array of jewelry pieces, and some DELISH candles. I don’t tell you all enough exactly how much I love candles. Well guess what? I do. I love them.

Another fave? The Eloise pet pillows. There are only dogs displayed in these pix, but I gotta tell you my butterball cat, Larry, would die and go to heaven in a figurative sense on these pillows. Especially the pink one. He kinda likes pink.

So, for those of you who have a desire to be a little dirty, get out of the mud, don’t even bother camping, and turn off Channel 35 and go to I’m telling you, dahlings, you’ll L-O-V-E it.

Originally published February 2006
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