• guysview1
  • Is that guy you snuggled with all winter starting to look like a bed bug? Doe-eyed lovers beware: Valentine’s Day is over. As the weather gets warmer, you might feel your relationship beginning to cool off. And while some of us will be giving/getting the boot, others will look to turn their seasonal flings into <... >

  • boyleheadshot
  • It is common knowledge that if you don’t like your body image, you can change it. Want to go brunette? There are hair dyes in every shade known to mankind. Irregular skin? Just stop by your nearest Sephora. For butts, busts and waistlines, there is a myriad of options ranging from state-of-the-art gym equipment to <... >

  • einsteinshow
  • I never found dating to be all that difficult. Boy meets girl. Boy asks girl out. Boy and girl enter a relationship and boy and girl copulate. Or, boy and girl copulate then enter a relationship, or copulate and end up in some weird “hooking up” limbo. Maybe the boy and girl copulate and the <... >

  • couple_railroad_tracks
  • Dear Hannah, I went back to school this fall and it’s creating a lot of tension in my two-year relationship. My boyfriend is really supportive and proud of me, but we just don’t get to spend as much time together as we did before. Actually, between my classes, my job, his job, and our commute <... >

  • ian_david
  • The Situation: I’ve been with Michael* for about a year and a half and I care deeply about him. During the year our connection is strong but when the holidays come around, he goes off to visit his family while I’m left at my apartment with scallops and frozen stir-fry. You see, he hasn’t come <... >

  • toilet
  • Love. It’s a force to be reckoned with that supposedly knows no bounds. Relationships, however, are a different story. Like it or not, every relationship comes with a laundry list of rules that change and evolve as the courtship progresses. When I was dating around, I would think of it as a prescription to my <... >

  • ohmibod
  • There are few instances when it is not fabulous to be single and in the city. On any given day, there are thousands (or hundreds of thousands) of eligible bachelors just roaming the streets of New York City, eye candy on display for your perusal. With so many options and temptations, the metropolitan woman has <... >

  • couple_in_a_restaurant1
  • Internet sites such as Match.com and eHarmony have revolutionized the way the modern woman meets, and dates, in the 21st century. In fact, with nine-hour work days (plus commuting time), crowded bars, and an increasingly ego-centered lifestyle, it’s a wonder that anyone had the time or patience to date at all before the invention. But <... >

  • christmas
  • The Situation: Hello all, For the month of December, the column received many of the same types of questions: “What do I get my significant other for the holidays if we’ve been dating for under a year?” “What if we’re just casually dating?” “How much should I spend on my spouse if we share a <... >

  • front_cover
  • The MIXED MESSAGE MAN: He loves me. He loves me not… What is the big decision making process here? You either like me, or you don’t. You find me attractive, or you don’t. …Sometimes he likes you and sometimes he doesn’t care. It keeps you there longer because it’s unpredictable. Maybe, just maybe, this time… <... >

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