By Samantha Eichenberg


On Valentines Day, for those of us who are single are constantly reminded that on this joyous holiday we are once again alone. It is hard to walk through the city and ignore the overpowering flow of red and pink spilling out of every store front and not to mention the “V-day Specials” that are put together by places so that you and your significant other can have a special time at half the price.

But seriously, what about the people who are single? What are they supposed to do when they are just a party of one? Well this year its time to celebrate this holiday whether or not you are in a relationship and I am going to tell you how!

About 3 years ago February 14th became a new holiday for my friends and I. Being that we were all single and had nothing to do we decided to celebrate the holiday in our own fun way. That was the night that National Singles Awareness Day officially landed a spot on our calendars. This tradition continues for us, and now I am sharing the idea with all of you so there will never again be a sad lonely February. It’s time to grab your friends, enjoy the night and celebrate the fact that you are single and are proud to be an independent person. The possibilities are endless, especially in the city. Go to a new place for dinner that you always wanted to try but never really had a reason to go. If you want to be more adventurous then doll yourself up in your favorite outfit that makes you feel the sexiest and make plans to go to your favorite bar or club. Get a drink you would never normally get then make your way to the dance floor and show off your moves. If you’re strapped for cash then here is a recipe for a night at home. 1 six pack of beer, 1 over the top amazing movie, a few or many bags of chocolate, a large pizza or Chinese, and a handful of your closest friends is always a guaranteed great time. Who cares if the 14th falls on a Thursday, this is one night that you can have a great time feeling guilt free the next day. Why, because you deserve it! Basically you can do anything to make this new holiday fantastic, and it gives the month of February a whole new meaning that actually excites you instead of making you feel pathetic.

There is no reason to be ashamed of being single no matter what your age. In fact you should embrace it, and instead of thinking that you are alone focus on the fact that you are a strong beautiful person who can be happy just being with themselves. This is a fun way to enjoy something that you may have always hated and great excuse to get together with your friends.

So if you’re like me, single and in New York City find a way to make this Valentines Day a day to remember. Who knows, you might actually start to like the month of February when you see that it’s not just for lovers. Happy National Singles Awareness Day everyone!

Originally published February 2008



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