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By Missy Heckman

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Yay, it’s May! It’s time for some actual Spring weather to start rolling in and with that, the itch starts for the pre-summer fashion favorites. You know…items that add a spark to Spring.

True Vintage

True Vintage Marilyn Monroe Graphic T-Shirt
True Vintage Rose-Embroidered Graphic T-Shirt

I have to say, these tees are as comfy as the T-shirt you got at your very first concert. They have that broken in, super-soft fabric feel and fit to your form. And when I say fitted, I mean in a good way, like: I love my shape kinda drape.

Available at:

Mac Ear Cuff Earring
This cuff is definitely a must. It gives your earwear that extra oomph! The piece imparts the instant illusion of a fresh new piercing.

Available at:

Aubrey Mix Metals Bangle Bracelet Set
Worn together or separately, these uniquely shaped bangles fit like a charm and are a sleek and shiny addition to any Summer outfit.

-14K Gold, Rhodium, Rose Gold Plated Over Brass
-Size: 2.5″ in diameter, 2.78″ max width

Available at:

The Paradise Machine Black Sunglasses
It seems this season it’s one or the other with no in-between…small frames that just cover the lids or oversized sunwear that cover that whole portion of the face. Today we reflect on the smaller frame, sharp and sleek — these glasses deliver instant sophistication.

Available at:

The Ultra Jungle Sunglasses
The 50’s, the age of Hollywood glamour and glitz… few fashion finds these days can revival the bold beauty of that time. These white retro glasses prove just that. They’re supremely comfortable and fashionably fetching to the eye.

Available at:

Felix Gray
Hopper – Manhattan Fade
Eyewear that helps combat digital eye strain and glare, and offers blue light reduction-translation: ideal for those who live by their phone, digital device and computer. The glasses are equipped to keep vision clear and discomfort-free. I’m on my computer hours a day (like most people) and noticed the crystal clear perfection that my peepers had the luxury to experience. The fashionable frame attached to these functional lenses is an added benefit.

Available at:

The Collapsible Umbrella
Every day, there’s a new and improved smart technology. But for your umbrella? Who would have thought! Imagine your umbrella telling you to take it because it is going to rain, or telling you that you left it behind — and where it is. The device operates on Bluetooth and you can personally set up your own preferences for alert times. It emits a cute little beeping noise to let you know it’s time to grab your umbrella.

The best part for New Yorkers: it’s created to withstand winds up to 55 mph and does not invert. So basically, there’s no more inside-out umbrellas that head straight into the corner trash can after you’ve been left drenched before work. I speak from experience in that department many, many times over (waterproof mascara, always on standby). Designed by a meteorologist who equipped the item with industrial-strength fiberglass that defends against breaking and inverting, Teflon-coated fabric repels water, and vented canopies to withstand high winds.

Available at:

The white, short boot trend has been raging rapidly everywhere you look. Now that Summer is about to emerge, we offer the lighter, more seasonally sufficient version. Sassy and sexy all the way!

Available at:

Originally published May 2018



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