Quit the Cubes and Savor the Flavor with the NAPA Wine Chiller

Light and air are the most cited culprits of spoiling a good wine, but rosés and whites alike are often ruined by the imbiber’s own hand. It is only normal to want to enjoy a Riesling with a chill, but the essence of the wine is lost when one uses ice for the task. Within minutes of the cubes descending into your glass the notes of citrus and rounded Alsatian spices are smudged into a watery elixir, unrecognizable to even the most gifted sommelier.

Thankfully, with the NAPA Wine Chiller, OriginalBOS has come out with its very own solution to chill your wine while maintaining even the most delicate of flavor profiles. Designed to be lightweight with an arctic core, these small spheres give your wine a refreshing chill while resting at the bottom of your glass.

The NAPA Wine Chiller truly shines when hosting get-togethers. No longer will you have to worry about squeezing another bottle of Pinot Gris into the top shelf of an overstocked fridge. Not to mention that you can save the ice cubes for your friend’s vodka tonics as the chillers only take 90 minutes of freeze time to cool an entire bottle of wine.

Available at http://www.originalbos.com/products/napa.

As an added bonus, OriginalBOS donates 15% of each purchase to MD Anderson, a center dedicated to fighting cancer.

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