By Andrea Toochin


Garden of Stars is the sequel to Angel, an anthology of three new perfumes: Violet Angel, Peony Angel and The Lily Angel. The important thing to note here from the beginning is these are all extensions of Thierry Mugler’s original women’s fragrance, Angel. The original is an acquired taste, almost too sweet for some to take, but as feminine as can be. The new collection offers something for everyone – spice for the free thinker, floral for the girly girl and light notes for the simpler woman. Behind this new line is their goal to marry fantasy and reality, to reveal both the innocent and devilish aspects in all of us.

Following Angel in every form, the Garden of Stars collection uses the base scent of Angel and the basic design of the bottle as a springboard. Think of them as alter egos or even sister scents: the sexy, the understated and the flirt.

Peony is the spicy scent. Despite the innocent image evoked from the baby pink bottle, inspired by a ballerina’s tulle skirt, this is the sexist of the three. Once it settles on your skin, it gives off a strong aroma; with a base of Angel, they add a hint of floral, green notes, patchouli and the pepper that spices it up. Even still, the elegant dancer shines through after hours, as the scent slowly evaporates leaving a faint floral odor, all feminine.

The Lily is softer and lighter, a more subtle persona, down to the bottle. Where the Peony bottle is a strong baby pink, The Lily is almost transparent, with a pale rosy hue. Also spicy but with sweet notes, the patchouli is again challenged, this time with honey and nutmeg. Where the Peony is perfect for a nightclub, The Lily is meant for a romantic evening, worn by a woman who’s both playful, mysterious and innocent, but most of all captivating.

Violet is the most floral of the trio, but manages it without overpowering tones. A bold, feminine perfume the lavender colored bottle immediately distinguishes itself. Here the patchouli mixes with violet and woody tones to create a strong floral aroma. This is for the most traditional, feminine woman.
Like any family, this group shares the same genes and basic physique, but each, like the woman who wears it, knows who she is. The bottles are topped with a beautiful star, but the pointy edge can prick if not handled correctly. Inside, the scents are mysterious, feminine, clearly related but obviously distinct. This new line realizes the two sides we embody, or as some allude, we are angels in public, devils in the privacy of our homes; either way, Angel enhances us.

Still unsure which one is for you? Let me put it this way, in Sex in the City terms: Charlotte would wear Violet, Carrie would wear The Lily and of course, Samantha would own the Peony.

Garden of Stars will be available in April at Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue 0.8 oz bottles are $60, 1.7 oz $85, and .8 oz refills are $40.

Originally published February 2005



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