By Andrea Toochin


About a year ago, I might have shunned even designer fragrances simply because the thought of one more socialite or designer scent was unbearable. However, my view has changed. These fragrances, from the likes of the Beckhams and Trump, aren’t all generic scents banking on the brand power of the creator. Even still, it’s not their scent that makes them valuable. They have helped the fragrance industry expand to the point where it’s expected that every runway worthy designer will eventually bottle his vision. So naturally, my fascination with the industry led me to two of my favorite designers, Roberto Cavalli, and Missoni, whose houses embarked on new ventures this year when each unveiled new fragrances.

There are categories of scents just as there are types of women. Some are sultry, some are bubbly, some are pensive, some are dark, and others are inherently happy. Missoni’s fragrance is one for the latter. It’s an upbeat, exotic fruity blend for the playful stylish woman in all of us. Though there are some herbs and floral notes, like magnolia, peonies and bergamot, the stronger scents are the fruity ones, like bitter orange, sparkling mandarin, and kaki, a tropical fruit found in the Far East.

Roberto Cavalli’s sexy designs leave Hollywood starlets at his feet. A long, flowing dress from the man always hugs the right curves and brings out the youthful wild child. His latest fragrance is no different. It’s a spicy scent infused with various floral and fruit notes. Amid top notes of mango flower and mandarin, plumeria, violet, black pepper and tolu balm add spice and body. This is one affordable Cavalli product sexy lasses everywhere can sport.

Leave it to LuckyScent to find another deliciously fresh scent from across the pond. Eau de Menthe Eau de Parfum is a refreshing, potent scent that smells like crushed mint straight from the garden. It’s the kind of perfume that will have you sneaking a whiff to perk up. This is the perfect scent for a woman in touch with nature, who loves the city and the country equally. It’s the kind of aroma you’d imagine on a woman who’s elegant, earthy attire perfectly fit her quiet confidence. And, it’s the perfect spring summer scent for anyone looking for a departure from floral or fruity aromas.

I was never one to OD on candles. There were no Yankee Candle jars scattered over my house, just the occasional travel candle in a tin, situated on a cluttered night table near the Indian incense cones. But, somewhere along the way, I became a candle snob. My olfactory sense only allows me to burn the finest of soy candles with exotic notes that stimulate nostalgia about past travels and old friends.

If you’re a fellow candle snob, look to Er’go for an extensive selection of candles from vanilla to ginger twist. I tried three varieties: pomegranate, Kashmir saffron, and cantaloupe. The pomegranate has a delicious blend of berries. Kashmir saffron has a rich smell that’s strong but relaxing, like quality incense. My favorite by far, though, was the cantaloupe. It is to date, the strongest candle I’ve ever smelt. Not that others weren’t powerful smells, but most candles mix a variety of notes. This candle smells exactly like its namesake, at its ripest. Even if you’re not a melon person, you’ll love this. Er’go offers so many varieties that provide the perfect opportunity to give vanilla a rest and try something new.

Missoni and Cavalli Serpentine fragrances are available at major department stores.

Heeley Eau de Menthe

Er’go candles

Originally published March 2006



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