By Dianne Stannish


For 2004, summer fragrance is something of a whirlwind, as there are dozens of new, trendy scents (some divine – others just plain silly) and as many “summerized” editions of perfume classics. It’s enough to leave a stylish girl in the dust, staying with that trusted favorite fragrance for the third year in a row. While I’m definitely a proponent of the signature scent, I do believe it serves any woman to experiment with what’s out there, just in case her signature has spontaneously changed.

Fragrance is fashion, another expression of style. Even if you’re sure you won’t change your mind, below are a few tempting new and classic possibilities, for any time of day or night – all Beauty News tested and approved!

It’s 7:00 a.m. and you have two hours before catching the train. You love your neighborhood, especially in the morning , and want to indulge before the day-long day begins. You brush your teeth and pull back your hair, slip a sundress over your pajama bottoms – you’re ready to go. But something is missing… Oh, that’s right, you want to smell good too…but not too good. Something light, almost undetectable. After all, you just rolled out of bed, right?

Pretty a.m. au naturals:
Dior “Sweet Sun” Perfumed Treatment Water – limited edition,
Van Cleef & Arpel “First” Body Oil Spray –
Shiseido “Relaxing Fragrance” –

It’s 10:00 a.m. and you have an impromptu date with a new boy. Well, not a “date” exactly, he’s a cutie you met a mixer who called you to say “hi” and now you’re meeting him in thirty minutes. You want a fragrance that suggests a little extra effort, but doesn’t shout at the guy. What’s a subtle beauty like you to do?

Gorgeous almost-date elixirs:
Clinique “Happy” –
Estee Lauder “Pleasures Summer In Bloom” – limited edition –

Work, work, work. When will it end? You’ve been staying late at the office, and coming in early, and there’s not a free day in your planner for two more weeks. Maybe a sweet new perfume would lighten your mood? And with any luck, your coworkers’ as well…

Uplifting, soothing bouquets:
Ghost “
Aqaba “Spring” –
Marc Jacobs Perfume Solid –

Guess what? It turns out that impromptu meeting was a date after all! Tonight you’re having dinner with him, and there may be romantic business to discuss. You want a perfume that creates a strong second impression, and lingers all night long. Sigh. If only it were always summer…

Irresistible magic potions:
Agent Provocateur Parfum ([url=][/url])
Ghost “Deep Night” ([url=][/url])
Chanel “Coco Mademoiselle” Fresh Bath Gel ([url=][/url])

Originally published August 2004



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