By Jasmin Guleria


As Thanksgiving approaches, love and abundance are words that come to mind. A quick whiff of honey, cinnamon, or vanilla is sure to make you reminisce of cozy homes with delectable gourmand treats.

This November -everyone at the dining table will be inhaling deeply as they try to determine where these luscious rich scents are emanating from- from the oven or from a person. The only issue now is deciding whether to keep your scent a secret or embrace the Thanksgiving spirit and share the exclusive info. Well, that’s up to you – but here at BN we are definitely love to share.


Originally from Provence, France,L’Occitane has a rich history of sharing uniquely French scents,colors, and traditions with the rest of the world. Their latest fragrance, Honey Miel & Lemon Citron, which is contained in an ingenious golden honeycomb bottle, is a combo of pure honey and lemon extract;these gourmand notes along with swirls of vanilla, cinnamon, caramel, makes it easy for you to have your dessert and wear it too. Available at Sephora Stores.


Parfumerie Generale, a niche perfume line established by former chemist Pierre Guillaume, has added an uber-luxe new fragrance called Un Crime Exotique to its exclusive “Private Collection”. . This delicious mix of sweet gingerbread and cinnamon is sure to titillate your nose as well as all those around you. Notes of tea, star anise, vanilla, mate absolute, and Chinese Osmanthus are blended to perfection, and the vanilla and sandalwood drydown is smooth and lush. We aren’t sure if your man will be driven by your intriguing aroma to such frenzy that he will commit a misdemeanor, but we can’t promise he won’t. Available Exclusively at


Based on the philosophy that pure plant-derived all-natural fragrances help balance the chakra levels of its wearers, Ajne’s Passion is known to strengthen and balance the Heart and Sacral Chakras. Passion is a secret combination of ancient Bulgarian and Turkish roses melded passionately with luscious blood orange and sweet magnolia flowers. It is embraced by the grounding powdery amber notes of the musky ambrette seed from India. One of our editors calls it Tantric sex in a bottle! Available at and Bergdorf Goodman.


Lush fans tend to be obsessive. So when the “Lushophiles” learn that solid perfumes are on the horizon, a mad dash to the store (or to the mouse) will be in order. Mark your calendars now; available in November, are eleven solid perfume fragrances. BN loves Champagne and Snowcake from this winsome collection. A rich blend of orange and cognac notes create the Champagne scent; while almond abounds in holiday happy Snowcake. Available at


Before the debut of its sensual fragrance line, Satellite of Paris, whose opulent jewelry makes us swoon, recently rewarded us with their jewel like scents. One of our favorite fragrances, A la figue! is as opulent in its irresistible fragrance as is the amethyst jewel of a bottle. The warm smells of fresh fig combines with light touches of iris and lily, while vanilla and cedar add both sweet and earthy notes. Available at

Originally published November 2007



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