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Who wouldn’t dream of jet-setting to the world’s most exotic and spectacular locations? Kim Spadaro wouldn’t. That’s because such dreams are already her fabulous reality. Happily, Spadaro has transported the spirit of her journeys to us, via her gorgeous Spadaro fragrances. The collection is crafted with the finest essential oils and spices encountered (and adored) personally by Spadaro while globe trekking to faraway destinations like Majorca, Marrakech, and Sicily. Three fragrances are currently available, with more already in the works: Doux Amour, Sole Nero, and Noche del Fuego. Each scent is truly lovely and artful in its own right, yet the peppery, patchouli paradise that is Noche del Fuego is particularly intoxicating (as it should be; this creation was inspired by an evening in Majorca where Spadaro herself was pulled onstage from the audience to join a show of dancers, drummers, and fire throwers (hey Kim, wanna trade lives for a week…or three?). Equally enchanting and enticing is Doux Amour, where Ylang Ylang, Casablanca Lily, and Moroccan Jasmine mingle with Rare Amber, Sandalwood, and Vanilla; here, the inspiration was a stay at La Mamounia in Marrakech, where the corridors are “scented with fig” and mint tea is freshly steeped at every table, while citrus and desert blooms scent the air (incidentally, the smooth finish of Moroccan wines motivated the addition of the vanilla note). Wanderlust-ing yet? Let Kim Spadaro’s fluid interpretation of luxury inspire your own journeying spirit, wherever you may be. Bon Voyage! Spadaro is available at select Nordstrom locations, and online at and

Recognizing that even the most dangerous of seductresses cannot live in bustier and fishnets alone (some of us actually do keep office hours), Agent Provocateur debuts Eau Provocateur, a collection of three new day fragrances which capture the spirit and sensuality of their namesake creations, and do so in a vibrant, lighthearted way. Think of these new scents as softer, gentler counterpoints to their predecessors; here, it’s more about the promise of flirtation’s playful dances and come-hither glances, as opposed to the va-va-voom of a rip-your-bodice-off-immediately-if-not-sooner bombast seduction. This is a “family-friendlier” Agent Provocateur; while there’s less wink-wink here, it’s as tempting and desirable as ever. Try Maitresse Eau Provocateur, a blissful interplay of fragrant Rose, Jasmin Sambac, and Iris accords, layered with the delightful green notes of the thorny Acacia shrub. A lingering note of green apple keeps it fun and vibrant, with just the perfect amount of seductive sparkle for daylight , done right. Agent Provocateur Eau Provocateur is available at select department stores starting April 15th; see also for more information.

Perfectly timed to bloom right along with spring, new Valentino addition Valentina Eau De Parfum is a lovely study of subtle contrasts. Created by master perfumers Olivier Cresp and Alberto Morillas, the fragrance exudes classic femininity and aristocratic appeal, tempered with a radiant edge – and just a hint of rebellion. A playful start includes Calabrian bergamot, Amalfi orange blossom, and sweet jasmine notes with an intriguing hit of white truffles from Alba; tuberose and tempestuous wild strawberry play at the heart of the scent before settling into a cedar, vanilla, and amber base. Simultaneously round yet sleek, Valentina’s transparent bottle is charmingly adorned with a sculptured floral bouquet in modern Valentino neutrals of white, ivory, and nude; this beauty is topped by a silver ring and a black pearl, epitomizing its charming contradictions. Valentina just may be the easiest-to-wear couture you’ll encounter this season. Available at Saks Fifth Avenue and

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