By Amy Sciaretto


Crisp cotton bed linens. Your boyfriend’s freshly washed, white pocket tee. A luscious, soapy lather and or beads of water on your soaking wet skin during your morning shower. Fluffy warm towels, pulled straight from the dryer or drying in the sun on a brisk early Fall morning. Slipping between the sheets after a long hot bubble bath.

That’s the essence that has been vividly captured and recreated by Clean, an invigorating, sense awakening line of perfumes, lotions, and now candles. Clean perfumes – there are several, each with different, diversifying notes – embody that zesty, fresh, straight from the shower smell. Shower freshness – once a fleeting feeling reserved for morning and easily lost as you navigate the grimy streets of NYC – can now be savored and conserved all day! Boiled down to base parts, Clean is essentially soap scented perfume. Who knew something so simple could be so bold, lively, and smell so divine while making you feel fresh all day long without being too heavy? If you want to smell as clean as cotton, yet aren’t looking for something perfumey or particular, then you’ll want to spritz your pulse points with any of the eye-opening Clean fragrances before your sprint out the door. Clean is uncluttered, yet provides a jolt of freshness. But don’t fret. It’s not like your rubbing a dryer sheet all over your skin. Clean is zingy and adventurously fresh, but it’s got a decidedly chic edge. Packaged in simple, square, clear bottles, Clean is a reminder of the simple pleasures of life.

The original Clean Perfume is sprightly, and shower fresh. Citrus and floral notes mingle with orange, sweet lime, pink grapefruit, passion lily and white musk. It’s as vivid and tingly as a loving pinch of the inner thigh given by your beau!

There’s also Clean Sweet Layer, which tempers the basic signature scent with a sweet spirit and juicy, playful femininity, thanks to lime, neroli, and rose notes. Clean Sweet Layer sparkles, and is a bit more perfumey than the Original. There’s not too much of a noticeable difference between the original and the Sweet Layer. It’s very subtle; Sweet Layer has more spice and more tang.

Clean Ultimate is more floral than Original and Sweet Layer. Ultimate swirls lavender, jasmine, white rose, and muguet with neroli and musk to create a little warmth and depth to the basic fresh scent. It’s musky, and therefore, more masculine. Ultimate is the most unisex of the Clean family of fragrances.

Clean Fresh Laundry is a sudsy, rich, and comforting scent, all the while maintaining its simplistic pleasure. It’s uplifting and misting yourself with it before you head out to the door has the same effect as your morning cup of coffee or energy bar. One waft of the peppy and perky Fresh Laundry, packaged in a soft, pale blue square bottle, will energize and refresh you.

Clean Baby Girl is not, despite its name, a child’s fragrance. It’s a sporty fruity floral, as fresh lemon, and Egyptian geranium notes tango with African Violet, heliotrope, lavender, white musk, cedar, and cinnamon Ceylon. Baby Girl’s essence is grassy; it’ll remind you of walking barefoot through freshly cut green grass on a hot summer afternoon. It’s my least favorite of the Clean line.

The beauty of Clean fragrances is that they can be blended with each other to create an inimitable, signature scent. The dry down is also soft, so you’ll never feel like people can smell you a mile away.

Big city metro life is so complicated and stressful – meetings, appointments, dinners, facials, manis/pedis, picking up the dry cleaning, going to the gym, answering a mound of emails, checking your Blackberry or Sidekick, getting from the West Side to Soho on a crowded subway car or having trouble locating a cab – and it’s a product like Clean that helps you decompress, calm down, relax, and remember to appreciate the simple creature comforts of life, like soap and water and smelling fresh and clean. When your body temperature rises from all the stress of a complicated life, Clean can take it down a few notches. All you have to do is spritz, and inhale.

Originally published October 2005



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