By Jessa Moore


New York City in the summer is hot, hot, hot! We’re on the subways next to strangers trying not to get too close. Around friends and co-workers, we pray that our deodorant doesn’t fail us, and we search for relief from the unforgiving sun and try to keep our cool.
Well, we can’t provide you with any self air conditioning tricks, but we can tell you how to start your day, and end it too, feeling as fresh and clean as a delicious juicy summer fruit.

Fragranced bath and shower gels give a spirited lift to our daily showers. Not only do they clean in the most pleasant way, but they’re good for the skin and they impart a hint of fragrance, some more than others. Some even give a lovely scent to the bathroom as well.

This summer brings us a huge bowl of juicy gels in many luscious flavors. I love Bath and Body Works Summer Vanillas, especially the Berry Vanilla and Apricot Vanilla. The Berry Vanilla smells simply like you’ve spent the entire day lolling about a berry patch, and it’s got that hit of vanilla at the end that’s sweet and makes you say mmmm…. Heavy on the berry and lighter on the vanilla keeps it feeling like summer. The Apricot Vanilla is a different experience. It’s very vanilla in the beginning, with the more delicate apricot running through it at the end. Both these yummy bath gels smell good enough to eat and are not overpowering in this heat.

Available: Bath and Bodyworks Stores and

Smelling delicious in a more delicate style is the Thymes bath and shower gels. I am impressed with the lightness of these sweet scents. Botanicals are good for the skin and add to the scents. Red Cherie is a clever take on cherries, pomegranates, passion flower, a little lychee and hint of fruity musk. It’s got a charm and delicacy all its own.

For centuries, lavender has always been used in fragrance and is adored by so many still today. The Lavender bath gel is amazingly gentle, and transports me to the English manor home that I’m sure I’ll own one day. This lavender lacks the harshness of some the other lavenders I have experienced as it’s softened with clary sage, rosewood, and violet leaf.


In a romantic mood? Then how about the sassy Victoria’s Secret bath gel, Kissing in Paris? It’s flirtatious and fun and just may fill your pretty little head with images of kissing “him” in front of the Eiffel Tower. The dewy scent has fresh and sweet floral notes with a hint of clean soap smell. Don’t be surprised if you’re inspired to put on high heels and swing your hair around after indulging. Added bonus is that the scent lingers, so perhaps you’ll meet that cute guy on the subway after all?

Available: Victoria’s Secret stores and

These gels just make you feel a bit cleaner and in this weather, we really need all the help we can get! The dog days of August are here. Get a mid- summer pick-me-up with any of these delicious shower gels and they’ll keep that summer fresh feeling going even after Labor Day.

Originally published August 2010



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