By Sharon Gomes Thomas

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We’ve featured custom fragrances before and happily worn the different blends that have been specially created for us. Now there’s a new fragrance available that can be uniquely yours, in a scientific way. You can get a customized fragrance based on your DNA!

Currently available only online on a site that looks a little strange and unlike that of any refined beauty company, the simply named My DNA Fragrance can be yours in several weeks. A kit is mailed to you and all you have to do is swab the inside of your cheek and mail in your DNA sample.

When it gets to the Lab, your profile is processed and a fragrance is formulated. After several weeks it’s mailed back to you along with your DNA profile.

For many of us, fragrance is an immediate and sensory experience, so waiting a few weeks for your perfume may not be ideal. Even more worrisome, is that your genetic code is now in the hands of strangers! In today’s environment of identity theft and loss of privacy, some may find this thought a little disconcerting. However, the creators of My DNA Fragrance say that once the analysis is done the fragrance formulation is the only thing they keep on file for future perfume refills.

Your formulation is definitely exclusive as the company matches your DNA sequence to scents that they think will suit you. Your DNA is not actually in the fragrance, it just provides a blueprint for the perfume. Usually with other custom fragrances, you are able to sample the different oils and elements that go into creating your unique blend. This is not the case for MY DNA Fragrance – so you may end up with an oak-based fragrance that is based on your DNA profile … but you hate wood scents!

How does My DNA Fragrance create your perfume? According to the company it’s a trade secret that is “just like McDonald’s secret sauce and Krispy Cream donuts recipes…Shhhhhhhhh! It’s a secret.” Let’s just hope that your personalized My DNA Fragrance doesn’t have you smelling like mass-produced food!

For more information visit DNA Fragrance at

Originally published September 2008



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