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By Courtney Dunlop


I once ruined several of my favorite tank tops because my color enhancing conditioner opened up and stained everything purple. I also used to take my entire makeup bag with me on trips just in case I found myself in a situation that required three-year-old blue glitter eyeliner. Live and learn. I am now a seasoned traveler, seeing as how just about every important relationship in my life is long-distance: Missouri, Ohio, Florida? uptown.. So put down those nail decals and hot rollers, weary traveler. I’ve mapped out your beauty needs.

There is nothing worse than trying to spill proof your face wash (it never works). Keep a cleanser suitable for any climate or activity in a travel bottle at all times. Olay Foaming Face Wash, Sensitive Skin works for every skin type. It gets rid of all the grime without drying out the skin, and in fact is better for acne-prone skin than those other harsh cleansers because it doesn’t irritate breakouts or cause new ones. Take it everywhere.

Put a small makeup bag in your carry on. Stock it with the following: lip balm, ibuprofen, moisturizing eye drops, and wet wipes (for when turbulence spills your Bloody Mary). Blue Q Wash Away Your Sins Wipes rule my world. Besides being super-cute, they smell amazing and leave your skin baby soft.

Tinted moisturizer really comes in handy for traveling, but if you are very fair like me, even the lightest shades make your face look dirty. I finally found the brilliant Elizabeth Arden Sheer Lights Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15 in Fair #1. It is the perfect shade for fair skin, and when I wear it I get those “glowing complexion” compliments that we all strive for. Girls with more color should check out the other illuminating shades. P.S. It doubles as an under-eye concealer.

I am obsessed with sunscreen. I am not, however, obsessed with a bunch of clunky bottles taking up a lot of space and spilling everywhere. I was delighted to discover Completely Bare’s Solar Shield sunscreen wipes The small jar contains 60 very convenient SPF 30 broad-spectrum wipes. Genius.

What’s up with everyone always saying that you should slather on tons of moisturizer when you are flying? When I get off a plane I am greasier than ever, usually with a few new blackheads in tow. The last thing I want is a thick cream on my dirty face. If this happens to you too, don’t fret. Slip a few Stridex Facewipes To Go into the previously mentioned carry on. Swipe one of these bad boys over your post flight skin and the greasies are gone. Salicylic Acid zaps the blackheads while aloe soothes.

As far as travel sizes for everyday beauty essentials go, there is one store that consistently delivers. Kiehl’s on 3rd Avenue between 13th and 14th streets is a magical place. They will hook you up with huge samples of their amazing products (sometimes you don’t even have to ask), which happen to be the perfect travel size. May I suggest the Grapefruit Deluxe Hand and Body Lotion?

Now go get ’em, tiger. Have fun, be beautiful, and keep that suitcase under 50 pounds, young lady. If you have any travel tips of your own, let me know. I’m already planning my next getaway!

Originally published September 2003



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